Ruby on Rails style productivity in Java!

The Java Play Framework is a great framework for quickly creating REST ful Java web applications. It removes all the Java EE boiler-plate code and makes the development very fast and efficient.

Most of our projects here right now are built using the Play framework, and we are seeing an strong increase in productivity and how quickly we turn around changes to the products we are creating.

Some of the things we value the most are:

  • Simple framework, and easy to integrated with client frameworks such as jQuery to built really compelling and interactive web applications.
  • We can tap into the vast amount of open-source Java libraries out there, so we can quickly prototype build, and add new features quickly. Some of the recent things we built, we added a fully fault tolerant, distributed Event Driven aspects to one application in 2 hours. In another application we added support for PDF reports in 1 hour!
  • It has always been possible to create scalable fault-tolerant applications in Java, with Play! we are doing it in model that we can scale to what we call web-scale software (millions and millions of users), this is not automatic with any framework, but we find it fairly easy to do so.
  • We don’t have to give up skills in Java or the benefits of a compiled language, while Play! makes it easy to test instant changes (with some smart real-time bytecode replacement in development mode).
  • We get the superior Java performance of the JVM with Jit compiling (yes it is screaming fast, those who say otherwise have not really developed any real apps in Java! There is a reason many of NASA’s and other computation intensive programs are built in java today), and none of the Python, Ruby or other platform woes of deployment issues, tied to compiling to different hardware architectures (try Python on Solaris for example…) – the JVM is really abundant and works well (and behave the same) on most platforms .

Here’s a great video that shows just how easy the Play! Framework is to get started with:

A web app in 10 minutes using Play framework from zenexity on Vimeo.

From the BootstrapWorks blog.