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Serial Entrepreneur Lars Hagelin joins BootstrapLabs

We are excited to announce that today Lars Hagelin, a Swedish serial entrepreneur joins the BootstrapLabs team. Lars will focus on media and commerce related projects within the BootstrapLabs business lab, and brings over 15 years of experience as entrepreneur, consultant and business angel in the internet, media and interactive gaming industries. Read more here.

Serial entrepreneur Nils Svangard joins Witsbits

BootstrapLabs company Witsbits, add another serial entrepreneur to its advisory board that also invests an undisclosed sum in the company. Witsbits is the company behind Go Cloud™, a software suite that quickly turn of-the-shelf servers and infrastructure into a unified compute and storage cloud, for Internet service providers. More information follows: Gothenburg, June 1, 2010. […]

Anna Wilkens joins BootstrapLabs as Communications Officer

We are very happy to announce that Anna Wilkens have joined BootstrapLabs as a Communication Officer to work with BootstrapLabs communication, but primarily help our companies implement and manage their communications, web and social media presence. Anna is a professional Communication Officer with 10 years experience in communication, manages the BootstrapLabs internal and external communication, […]

ProgrammersHeaven.Com launch Flash section with Adobe

BootstrapLabs company ProgrammersHeaven.com this week launched a section dedicated to developing applications using Flash and Flex. The website can be seen here: http://flash.programmersheaven.com/ And also on the ProgrammersHeaven.com homepage: http://www.programmersheaven.com/ This gives the members at ProgrammersHeaven.com an easy access to flash related resources, as well downloads of SDK’s, Tutorials and a wealth of other information.

Ivory report interview with BootstrapLabs founder Nicolai Wadstrom

This week Ivory Report, a Swedish analyst company, that provides reports and insight on early stage startups, published an interview with BootstrapLabs’ founder and CEO, Nicolai Wadstrom. The report covered topics such as differences between the Swedish and Silicon  Valley entrepreneurial climate, and eco-systems for innovation. “Silicon Valley provides a critical mass of skills, risk […]

What we are doing here at BootstrapLabs now

We have been updating our website this week to better describe what we are doing right now, and where we are going. Basically we are offering an entrepreneurial eco-system where we can take ideas in the Business Lab, test them and term the best ones into Startups, and them accelerate their development, and then expand them […]