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Applied AI Digest 146

The latest Data, Insights, and Inspiration about Applied AI Every week the BootstrapLabs team curates the most interesting and current articles on Artificial Intelligence. Here are our picks for the fifth week of January 2019.  Singapore Releases Framework On How AI Can Be Ethically Used Singapore has released a framework on how artificial intelligence (AI) […]

BootstrapLabs on Bloomberg News

n December 2018, our CEO and Founder, Nicolai Wadstrom, met with Danya Liu, Emerging Technology Analyst at Bloomberg NEF in San Francisco. He shared some details about the BootstrapLabs investment strategy, and his vision on how Artificial Intelligence will impact our world. Each month Bloomberg features a strategic investor active in one of the key […]

Powering Autonomous Dreams

Authors Thomas A. Campbell, PhD – Founder & President, FutureGrasp™, LLC[1] and Special Advisor, BootstrapLabs Nicolai Wadstrom – CEO and Founder, BootstrapLabs The Dream riving used to be a pleasure: the open road, Sunday drives, cruising on Main Street. Now it is more of a chore: traffic jams, road rage, avoiding distracted drivers. While in […]

BootstrapLabs Applied AI Workshop: AI and Human Capital

  Date and Time: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 Location: San Francisco Registration: This event is INVITE ONLY. You can request more information at events@bootstraplabs.com Come join us to learn more about how Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the enterprise of tomorrow, and how Applied AI solutions can help executives and leaders around the world better manage, […]

b.telligent and BootstrapLabs partner to accelerate the adoption of AI technology among German and Swiss Corporations

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, US and MUNICH, GERMANY, Dec. 20th, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – b.telligent, a Munich and Zurich based premier data science and business intelligence management consulting company, and BootstrapLabs, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm focused on Applied Artificial Intelligence, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of AI […]

BootstrapLabs AAI18 Keynote and Fireside Chat – Death of Moore’s Law

Over the next several weeks we’ll be releasing the videos from the sessions from the BootstrapLabs Applied AI Conference 2018. The yearly conference organized by BootstrapLabs, a leading Venture Capital firm focused on Applied AI, that brings together over 800 members of the Artificial Intelligence community for a day of incredible speakers and exciting conversations. […]

Banish the Darkness with Artificial Intelligence

The Need Most everything we do in life requires electricity. Transportation, farming, homes, businesses, computing—they all necessitate the efficient movement of electrons from a power production source to an energy use site¹. Unfortunately, since Thomas Alva Edison first illuminated a Menlo Park street in 1879 – thus banishing the darkness 2 – the  demands humanity […]

Applied AI Digest 134

The latest Data, Insights, and Inspiration about Applied AI Every week the BootstrapLabs team curates the most interesting and current articles on Artificial Intelligence. Here are our picks for the third week of October 2018. Applying Artificial Intelligence in B2B and B2C – What’s the Difference? We discussed the difficulties large businesses may have in […]

Oracle Inspiration Tour 2015: a morning with BootstrapLabs

As part of Oracle OpenWorld 2015 this week, Oracle France organized a 5 day “inspiration” tour of San Francisco/Silicon Valley for about 30 French corporate executives. After visiting some of our friends at LinkedIn, Lending Club, and Uber, the group spent Tuesday morning with BootstrapLabs at our San Francisco offices. Settled in with coffee and pastries, the […]

BootstrapLabs at Innovation Skåne – Advice for Swedish entrepreneurs

Lund, Sweden | Wednesday 21 October 2015 In a room full of entrepreneurs, BootstrapLabs founder Nicolai Wadström shared his thoughts on Silicon Valley unicorns, and the speculation of tech bubbles and overvalued startups. He reminded his audience to focus on value, and the fundamentals of the companies being touted as Unicorns.