Looking for rock-stars for URBANiGO

We are looking for rockstars to join our portfolio company URBANiGO here in Silicon Valley. We are offering people to join on a early and co-founder status and be part of the core team.


Consumer Internet Marketing

Looking for a seasoned entrepreneur/executive, that have been part of building consumer Internet user bases for startups before. Entrepreneurial drive is essential, right now we need to build partnerships, initial user acquisition, activation, retention. Next step build sales/partner organization with local retailers and merchants.

Tech lead

Right now we have the core back-end platform, it’s scalable, and we have built our mobile app for iPhone and Android. Looking for a key individual to continue be part of this work, maybe take a lead on the tech side, but mainly build up our plugin app/widget and API platform, and attract developer partners to our platform as our next step.

UX, Design, Product etc

Not as critical right now, but we would welcome rock-stars in these areas as part of the team. We are less concerned about titles at this time, the right people will evolve in different roles as we build the company.


About the Company

URBANiGO (formally Urban Metrics), is a mobile social discovery and social intent platform, we have the initial beta product built and will be submitting it to the Apple AppStore shortly. More details in the attached Executive Summary.

The founders today are serial entrepreneurs, and we want to expand the team with more seasoned executives and entrepreneurs to build a world class company.

URBANiGO is located at the BootstrapLabs (San Francisco) office. BootstrapLabs is heavily involved in supporting and building this company.


If you are interested or know anybody that might be, ping us here.

URBANiGO in Alpha – a New Social Discovery startup

BootstrapLabs company Urban Metrics is still in stealth now starting to roll out a closed Alpha test of it’s first product URBANiGO, a Social Discovery service for consumers.

To get an invite for the service, once it opens for a Beta testing, goto the URBANiGO website:


BootstrapLabs Gets Social, Launches Urban Metrics

San Francisco – December 1, 2010 – BootstrapLabs is launching a new company in the Online-2-Offline Commerce space called Urban Metrics Inc (www.urbanmetrics.com). Urban Metrics offers an Online-2-Offline Commerce platform, that allows its partners to quickly enter the market with almost instant revenue.

“We are strong believers in the social commerce that Groupon have paved the way for, so naturally I am really excited about Urban Metrics. We started working with the project before the summer and have now built the alpha platform and taken important proof points for the company. We have also started the process with recruiting a great team to the company”, says Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO and founder of BootstrapLabs.

BootstrapLabs (www.bootstraplabs.com) is a Silicon Valley Business Lab and outpost, founded by Swedish serial entrepreneur Nicolai Wadstrom. BootstrapLabs is a testing ground for new ideas, with an infrastructure that allows BootstrapLabs to bootstrap many ideas and turn the best of them into companies with a network of human and financial capital to bring them to market.

For more information contact:
Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO/Founder, BootstrapLabs, +1 415 935 1469, nicolai@bootstraplabs.com

Yahoo to make a bid on Groupon?

It’s no secret in Silicon Valley dealmaking circles that Yahoo has been looking at what insiders have called a “transformative” acquisition to jumpstart the company.
And while many think that has to mean grabbing one of the big content companies–such as AOL (AOL) or Demand Media–right in Yahoo’s wheelhouse, rumours say they are looking at the commerce space and more specifically the Online to Offline commerce space.
The dominating player in the space, Groupon, is being eyed by Yahoo for a bid according to rumours. This would put Yahoo smack in the middle of the hot space around Online to Offline commerce.

As we see it, it would make perfect sense, the Online to Offline commerce space is the next major wave in online advertising, and the market is up for grabs, in what might turn out to be a trillion dollar market in the US alone.

This would be a very interesting turn, as it would put some pressure on the other players in the Internet space Google, Microsoft and even Facebook or Twitter to look at M&A in the Online to Offline commerce space.

Great Interview with Andrew Mason, CEO of Groupon

Jason Calacanis, does a great interview with Andrew Mason, the CEO of Groupon, 30 minutes into the video.

Get social with Urban Metrics!

Fresh from the Urban Metrics blog:

Urban Metrics is a social commerce company from BootstrapLabs’ Silicon Valley Business Lab in California, US.

We are still partly in “stealth” mode but are getting set to get social , or perhaps s.oci.al, with the world within a few months.

Stay tuned for more information via various social media and news feeds.

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