Serial Entrepreneur Lars Hagelin joins BootstrapLabs

We are excited to announce that today Lars Hagelin, a Swedish serial entrepreneur joins the BootstrapLabs team.

Lars will focus on media and commerce related projects within the BootstrapLabs business lab, and brings over 15 years of experience as entrepreneur, consultant and business angel in the internet, media and interactive gaming industries.

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Serial entrepreneur Nils Svangard joins Witsbits

BootstrapLabs company Witsbits, add another serial entrepreneur to its advisory board that also invests an undisclosed sum in the company. Witsbits is the company behind Go Cloud™, a software suite that quickly turn of-the-shelf servers and infrastructure into a unified compute and storage cloud, for Internet service providers. More information follows:

Gothenburg, June 1, 2010. Witsbits® AB, the Scandinavian pioneer in cloud computing solutions for metering and billing of cloud infrastructure, today announce that Nils Svangård, a Swedish serial Entrepreneur invests in Witsbits and joins the Advisory team and the board of directors.

“Witsbits has one of the most promising solutions in the Cloud computing space, that enables big and small Internet carriers, Service Providers and Hosting companies, to quickly and efficiently do metering and billing of cloud computing infrastructure.

What really caught my attention in Witsbits’ Go Cloud Platform is the strong resource metering capabilities with real time usage history. Combined with the strong level of sales automation  makes it a must-have product for hosting firms of today.”

– says Nils Svangård.

“Nils Svangård is a very valuable addition to our team and our investors. His start-up and technical sales experience helps Witsbits to more quickly attract new customers.”
– says Mikael Lirbank, CEO and founder of Witsbits.

About Witsbits

Witsbits ( is a pioneer in cloud computing software solutions. The company is the creator of Go Cloud™, a software suite that quickly turn of-the-shelf servers and infrastructure into a unified compute and storage cloud. It targets Server Hosting Providers and Internet Service Providers who wants to start selling Internet and server capacity in a utility-like fashion – and enable them to “Go Cloud”.

The Go Cloud™ platform provides end-users with access to the hosting providers’ server and Internet capacity in a secure and controlled manner.
Go Cloud™ is a customizable turn-key solution that enables hosting companies to provide their clients with a self-service compute and storage cloud, including billing, high-resolution utilization meters, web-API, management console, and more, from their own premises. All the components required to start selling self-serviced cloud computing are included.

About Go Cloud™ – the Cloud Hosting Platform
Go Cloud™ is a software based Cloud Hosting Platform that turns current infrastructure into a full-blown Public Cloud, including both Storage and Computing.

It enables Internet Carriers and Server Hosting Providers to start selling their capacity through the cloud (electricity) business model.

About Nils Svangård

Nils Svangård is a Swedish serial entrepreneur with a background of research in Artificial Intelligence at Chalmers University of Technology and past 10 years starting and building companies such as Aitellu AB, ICU Intelligence AB and most recently ICE House AB, a cutting-edge behavioral targeting and realtime advertising platform for advertisers and e-commerce sites.

Nils operates a privately held fund for angel investments with focus on emerging and disruptive technologies, since Svenska Spel AB’s (the Swedish Governmental-Owned Gaming Company) recent acquisition of Playscan AB from ICU Intelligence.

For more information contact:

Mikael Lirbank, CEO, Witsbits, +46 708 30 95 88,
Nils Svangård, Nirusu AB, +46 702 863 763,

Nicolai Wadstrom, Witsbits USA, +1 415 935 1469,

Witsbits® is a registered trademark of Witsbits AB. Go Cloud™ is a trademark of Witsbits AB. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Other product or company names mentioned may be trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.

Anna Wilkens joins BootstrapLabs as Communications Officer

We are very happy to announce that Anna Wilkens have joined BootstrapLabs as a Communication Officer to work with BootstrapLabs communication, but primarily help our companies implement and manage their communications, web and social media presence.

Anna is a professional Communication Officer with 10 years experience in communication, manages the BootstrapLabs internal and external communication, and help’s our companies be more effective and targeted in their communication strategies and implementation.

ProgrammersHeaven.Com launch Flash section with Adobe

BootstrapLabs company this week launched a section dedicated to developing applications using Flash and Flex.

The website can be seen here:

And also on the homepage:

This gives the members at an easy access to flash related resources, as well downloads of SDK’s, Tutorials and a wealth of other information.

Ivory report interview with BootstrapLabs founder Nicolai Wadstrom

This week Ivory Report, a Swedish analyst company, that provides reports and insight on early stage startups, published an interview with BootstrapLabs’ founder and CEO, Nicolai Wadstrom.

The report covered topics such as differences between the Swedish and Silicon  Valley entrepreneurial climate, and eco-systems for innovation.

“Silicon Valley provides a critical mass of skills, risk willingness and capital” – says Nicolai Wadstrom

The report is available in its entirety for subscribers to Ivory Report.

Interview with Computer Games legend Scott Adams

BootstrapLabs company meet with Computer Games legend Scott Adams for an interview, and asked him about what he thinks about the Computer Games industry today and the new social web games.

Read the full story here.

ProgrammersHeaven launch hosted subversion and bug tracker

This week one of our Business Lab project’s launched hosted developer tools for subversion and bug tracking.

It’s a very cost effective way for development teams to host their source code with full version control, and also get a bug tracker for free at the same time.

More information here.

BootstrapLabs partnership with two incubator facilities in Silicon Valley

10th of September 2009 San Francisco Bay Area. For immediate release, BootstrapLabs established partnership to secure access to two incubator facilities in Silicon Valley for bringing companies from Europe to Silicon Valley.

The two facilities are in the heart of Silicon Valley, one being in Redwood City and the other in San Jose, and can host more than 50 workspaces. The two incubators are part of the BootstrapLabs network and open for the companies in the BootstrapLabs business acceleration program.

“This allows us to offer a soft landing spot for the companies that we bring here from Europe. We now have the infrastructure to support the companies that we work with, and can offer all of our companies a ‘home’ in Silicon Valley, and is part of our goal in offering an end-to-end infrastructure and support organisation for companies to go to Silicon Valley.”
– says Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO and founder of BootstrapLabs.

BootstrapLabs ( is a Silicon Valley Business Lab and out-post, founded and run by Swedish serial Entrepreneur Nicolai Wadstrom. BootstrapLabs allows European companies to quickly and efficiently get an entry to the US market and Silicon Valley in particular. BootstrapLabs can help early stage companies that are in a commercialization phase and ready to go-to market to establish themselves in Silicon Valley, scale up, find licensing and partnership opportunities as well as funding and exit partners.

For more information contact:
Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO/Founder, BootstrapLabs, +1 (415) 935 1469,

IDG Blogger Magnus Penker about BootstrapLabs [Swedish]

IDG Blogger Magnus Penker blogged about BootstrapLabs (in Swedish), read it here:

What we are doing here at BootstrapLabs now

We have been updating our website this week to better describe what we are doing right now, and where we are going.

Basically we are offering an entrepreneurial eco-system where we can take ideas in the Business Lab, test them and term the best ones into Startups, and them accelerate their development, and then expand them quickly, through our BootstrapAccelerator , where we offer two different programs depending on the stage the company is in.

This allows us to launch many ideas at once and turn the best of them into companies, attracting the human and financial capital necessary to bring them to market.

We are actively engaged with matchmaking business opportunities, partners and exit opportunities for the companies in our system.

We are tapping into the vast experience of our network of experienced Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs to build our Accelerator business, and during this fall we will be able to offer everything from space, to rapid acceleration of the learning go-to market cycles to internationalization and scale-up for more established companies coming to the US.

Prezi close VC-round and establish advisory board with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey

21st of June, San Francisco. For immediate release.

BoostrapLabs client Prezi, Inc closed a series A-round from Danish VC SunStone Capital. At the same time Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is coming onboard as an advisor to Prezi, to assist Prezi

BootstrapLabs has been working with Prezi since February this year; advicing the founders and helping establish strategy, roadmaps, funding and advisory members for it’s US establishment, and this week it is official that:

  • Prezi, Inc has been established and Prezi now has it’s head company in the US (Silicon Valley).
  • Prezi, Inc has closed an funding round from danish VC Sunstone Capital to further accelerate the company’s product development and international roll-out.
  • TED is investing in Prezi, Inc.
  • Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, Inc (and the originator of the idea), is coming onboard as an advisory board member to advise Prezi on matters ranging from fund raising to
    technological development.

TechCrunch wrote about the funding round and there is more information on the Prezi blog as well.

State of the European VC industry

TechCrunch reported on the state of VC funds in the UK. The funds are running out of money, and do not have much sources for filling them. The estimated total available VC funding is at par with Marc Andreasen’s single fund. When keeping in mind that UK has had one of the more virbant VC sectors in Europe, and the rest of Europe might not be far behind this development.

BootstrapLabs is here to help your company (or your fund’s portfolio companies) get to Silicon Valley; get traction here and grow in the best entrepreneurial eco-system in the world.

Contact us fore more information.

Andreessen Readies a New Venture Capital Firm

The Silicon Valley star’s company has attracted lots of interest, and $300 million. Can he deliver with his innovative approach?

This is a structured angel funding approach that might work very well, see the video and read the whole Business Week article here.

Arctic Startup about Witsbits

Arctic startup’s Paula Marttila article about Witsbits not too long ago:

Witsbits, a Swedish startup company, is the first and so far only actor in the Nordic and Scandinavian region providing cloud computing services. They started already in 2004, in the era when cloud computing still was called utility computing. The journey into cloud computing began in 2003 when running Render Planet, an automated render farm service offering free, remote, distributed rendering over the Internet.”

Read more here.

Witsbits to go-to the USA with BootstrapLabs

23rd of June 2009 San Francisco and Göteborg. For immediate release, Witsbits has entered into an agreement with San Francisco based BootstrapLabs to establish US presence.

Setting up US presence is the first step of an extensive agreement between Witsbits and BootstrapLabs. BootstrapLabs is additionally to provide Witsbits with advisory and strategic planning, secure an initial round of funding from early-stage investors and to prepare for a US market entry and scale-up.

“Witsbits provides a very exciting opportunity for Hosting and DataCenter companies to quickly get on-board the Cloud Computing race. Witsbits has the right product in a market that is just opening up, and growing very quickly and I see great opportunities for Witsbits in the US and Silicon Valley, the majority of all web based services in the world is being hosted in the US, and thus the majority of the target customers for Witsbits are here in the USA.
– says Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO and founder of BootstrapLabs.

USA is the world’s biggest market for hosting web services and with a US presence, we are able to pursue that market. BootstrapLabs allows us to quickly set up presence in the Silicon Valley to capitalize on business opportunities and to be closer to future funding partners. With the momentum and reception we’ve received from our recent launch we believe we will quickly create an impact on the US market.”

– says Mikael Lirbank, CEO at Witsbits.

Witsbits ( is a cutting edge cloud computing software company. Witsbits offers a turn-key Cloud Computing platform called Go-Cloud, that includes everything from management, billing to monitoring and allows Hosting and Data center companies to quickly start to offer coud computing to their customers with the infrastructure they already own.

BootstrapLabs ( is a Silicon Valley Business Lab and out-post, founded and run by Swedish serial Entrepreneur Nicolai Wadstrom. BootstrapLabs allows European companies to quickly and efficiently get an entry to the US market and Silicon Valley in particular. BootstrapLabs can help early stage companies that are in a commercialization phase and ready to go-to market to establish themselves in Silicon Valley, scale up, find licensing and partnership opportunities as well as funding and exit partners.

For more information contact:
Mikael Lirbank, CEO, Witsbits, +46708309588,
Nicolai Wadstrom, CEO/Founder, BootstrapLabs, +1 (415) 935 1469,