Shaping the future by investing in Applied Artificial Intelligence

“I want to help mission-driven companies attract and inspire talented engineers by sharing their unique mission, purpose, impact, and culture.”

"We are building an enterprise-grade AI assistant that will become the brain, voice, and memory of your company."

"Pathtronic is desiging the next-generation silicon chips for AI Applications."

"We are applying Artificial Intelligence to pay bills and manage cash flow effortlessly."

"We offer the most effective, affordable, and responsive Mental Health & Wellness professional in everyone's pocket. Our AI is used to better train professionals, not the other way around."

"We use Artificial Intelligence to automate the implementation and optimization of machine learning processes in the enterprise."

“Mendel uses Artificial Intelligence to deepen the amount of knowledge, and reduce the amount of time, a Doctor needs to make the right prognosis and ensure a better outcome for the patient.”


Founded in 2008, BootstrapLabs is a leading Venture Capital firm based in Silicon Valley and focused on Applied Artificial Intelligence. We invest in founders that dream big and are solving today’s hardest problem by applying artificial intelligence to shape a better future.

BootstrapLabs is often the first institutional money and acts as a lead investor in the early stages, with follow-on capital at the growth stages.

Artificial Intelligence is impacting every single sector and we are particularly excited about Transportation, Logistics, Energy, the Future of Work (FoW), Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), Health, and FinTech.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know it takes an exceptional team amplified by a nurturing community to build successful companies, so we stand by our founders in good times and bad times, because the road to success is paved with setbacks, challenges, and lessons learned from past failures – and building something big is hard.

Ultimately we believe technology should always be used to create a positive impact on society, and that founders should always place fellow humans at the heart of their vision.

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“As an experienced entrepreneur, I know that velocity and community are the most important aspect for success. I was thrilled when BootstrapLabs decided to back me, from day 1, and invited me to build Pathtronic in their ecosystem. Truly feels like another co-founder I can count on.”

Sateesh KumarFounder & CEO, Pathtronic

“The best VCs don’t just invest in your business, they help you build it. Thanks to BootstrapLabs, we closed a 6 digit deal from one of the world largest fashion retailers, and have many more leads in our funnel.”

Alex HolubFounder & CEO, Vidora

“BootstrapLabs helped us recruit our first outside lead engineer, and their recommendation was spot on; this was a key hire for us and it made an incredible difference for our company.”

Cathrine AndersenFounder & CEO,

“Prezi would never be as successful as it is if it wasn’t for BootstrapLabs’ support.”

Peter ArvaiCo-Founder & CEO, Prezi

“BootstrapLabs is the perfect example of a value-add investor. They pour their hearts and minds into the startups they invest in, and they make sure they are there every step of the way to provide the necessary resources for each stage of our development.”

Moe AlKadiFounder & CEO, Sibly

“BootstrapLabs has been a transformational investor for Trusted Insight. They lead my Series A round after encouraging me to stick with my original vision to build a technology company that could disrupt the global alternative asset allocation industry.”

Alex BangashFounder & CEO, Trusted Insight

“Not only was BootstrapLabs an early investor in Pryon, they were the first. Others offered to lead & yet we refused them until we met a visionary VC that not only understood the true power of Applied AI but who were also as entrepreneurial as their portfolio’s founders!”

Igor JablokovFounder & CEO, Pryon, Inc


Applying Artificial Intelligence to build Smart Machine Vision for Autonomous Systems solve Digital Identity and Network Attribution bring Mental Wellness to everyone help Doctors and Drug Companies cure Cancer bring the Construction Industry into the 21st century optimize complex Merchandise Transportation Problems build the Digital Brain of the Enterprise automate Bill Payment and Cash Flow Management power the AI Computing Revolution increase Capital Allocation Efficiencies in private markets


We built a community of people that care about applying Artificial Intelligence to solve the hardest problem for our society.

With more than 40,000 people from over 60 countries contributing to our community, we bring together an extensive number of professionals with deep domain knowledge expertise to spot trends early, share original content and advice in areas including applied artificial intelligence, data science, lean software development, IP strategy, UX/UI design, entrepreneurship, corporate development, partnerships, sales and marketing, recruiting, fundraising and exits.