Alex Bangash

BootstrapLabs has been a transformational investor for Trusted Insight.

Founder and CEO, Trusted Insight

Peter Arvai

Prezi would never be as successful as it is if it wasn’t for BootstrapLabs’ support

Co-founder and CEO, Prezi

Moe Alkali

BootstrapLabs is the perfect example of a value-add investor. They pour their hearts and minds into the startups they invest in, and they make sure they are there every step of the way to provide the necessary resources for each stage of our development.

Founder & CEO, Sibly


Select list of portfolio companies

Mendel Health

Applied AI – Machine Learning – Healthcare Technology

Mendel Health aims to save the lives of cancer patients by more efficiently matching them to ongoing or upcoming new drug trials and applying AI to structured and unstructured trial publications and patient records.

Founders: Karim Galil, Ruchi Deshpande



Applied AI – NLP/NLU/ML – Future of Work

SmartEar is a stealth mode company providing a fully-integrated (hardware + software) natural language voice-command interface for business applications.

Founders: Kinuko Masaki, Richard Ling, Dean Gardner



Applied AI – Deep Learning – Future of Work

Qurious’ breakthrough deep learning technology for understanding real­time voice communication allows companies to analyze, control, and optimize all voice communication between their employees and the outside world. Qurious customers are currently deploying this technology with their sales organizations to run voice conversation (sales playbook) A/B testing at scale.

Founders: Sabrina Atienza, George Ramonov



Applied AI – Machine Learning – HeathTech

Sibly is revolutionizing the mental health and wellness world by providing accessible, affordable, and professional mental health coaching to help people cope with life’s daily challenges including relationships, parenting, work, selfworth, etc. Sibly’s messaging platform uses medically proven frameworks of conversation and machine learning to empower paraprofessionals, overseen by licensed therapists, to step into any conversation, at any time, and deliver high ­quality mental health coaching at scale.

Founders: Omar AlEisa, Mohammed AlKadi, Paula Wilbourne, Ph.D.



Applied AI – Deep Learning/Lidar – Transportation

AEye are the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles.

Founders: Luis Dussan



Applied AI – Deep Learning/Machine Learning – Future of Work

Vidora is developing the first AI brain for digital enterprises. Its behavioral AI software analyzes, correlates, models, predicts, and deploys actions across the entire enterprise to optimize and align a business’ performance with the strategic goals established by the C­suite. Companies like Walmart, Panasonic, and the Wall Street Journal already use Vidora to reduce churn and increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of their customers.

Founders: Philip West, Alex Holub, Abhik Majumdar



Applied AI – Deep Learning –  FinTech

Pay your bills directly from your phone just by taking a photo of the bill. Don’t ever worry about long number sequences and codes again. Bills that doesn’t fit your budget can be paid over time.

Founders: Cathrine W. Andersen, Christian Rasmussen


Trusted Insight

Trusted Insight is the leading Institutional Syndication Platform for Alternative Assets. Its members manage over $18 Trillion in AUM.

Founder: Alex Bangash



Prezi is the interactive, cloud-based presentation platform that helps you connect more powerfully with your audience.

Founders: Péter Halácsy, Peter Arvai, Adam Somlai



AngelList is where the world meets startups for investing and jobs. Over $160M raised by over 565 startups. Over 10k matches/week between job seekers and companies.

Founders: Babak Nivi, Stan Chudnovsky, Kevin Laws, Naval Ravikant



Zerply: For the world’s top creatives in Film & TV, Games & AR/VR.

Founders: Taaniel Jakobs, Christofer Karltorp



SelfyCart is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to checkout.

Founders: Sahle Hashelit, Erick Lee



The Best of Trello, Google Docs and Wikis in one App built on Slack

Founders: Ross Mayfield, Leila Al-Shamari



Double your close rate with intelligent sales document automation and e-signing.

Founders: Mathias Thulin, Carl Carell, Jonas Blanck and Samir Smajic