BootstrapLabs Applied AI Investment Thesis

Artificial Intelligence is impacting every single sector in our society, and is estimated to create a market capitalization of $87 trillion by 2037.

BootstrapLabs has been making Venture Capital investments since being founded in 2008, and since 2015 we were the first Venture Capital firm to start to invest in an AI first Venture Capital strategy. Since then we have been investing in visionary founders that solve today’s most important and valuable opportunities by applying Artificial Intelligence, and with our 2 first Applied AI funds fully invested and performing at top quartile of US VC funds, today we are actively investing from our 3rd Applied AI ($115M) seed fund.

Our early focus on Artificial Intelligence has given us a head start and unique insights to become a leading Venture Capital firm in what we believe is the biggest value creation opportunity in modern time.

Through our Venture Capital funds, Venture Studios, and growth-stage investment models we are primarily investing in Future of Work (FoW)/Productivity, Mobility, Health, Financial Infrastructure, Digital Infrastructure, and Climate & Energy. We see large opportunities to create efficiencies and value in these areas by applying Artificial Intelligence.

$ 87 Trillion

AI Market Capitalization
Opportunity by 2037

$ 2 Billion

BootstrapLabs Applied AI
Portfolio Company total EV Creation so far

6 Years

Investing solely in Applied AI

3 Funds

Applied AI Venture Capital funds