AAI16 Videos and insights

Exponential Disruption

Speaker: Rob Nail, CEO & Associate Founder, Singularity University

How AI is Changing our Society

Moderator: Benjamin Levy, Co-Founder, BootstrapLabs


  • Gregory Renard, Co-Founder & CTO, XBrain
  • Robert Seidi, Managing Partner, Motus Ventures
  • Doug Maughan, Division Director, Department of Homeland Security
  • Uwe Higgen, Head of BMW Group Tech Office USA

AI is Changing our Society

Keynote – Refugee Crisis: AI to the Rescue

Speaker: Eugene Bann, Founder X2AI

Keynote – Predicting Poverty with Deep Learning & Satellite Imagery

Speaker: Neal Jean, PhD Student, Stanford University

Bring ML to every corner of your Organization

Speaker: Danny Lange, Head of Machine Learning, Uber

How AI is Changing the Enterprise

Moderator: Alexy Khrabrov, Chief Scientist, Nitro


  • Matt Sanchez, Founder & CTO, CognitiveScale
  • Josh Neland, Sr. Manager, AI Technology R&D, Accenture
  • Han Shu, Data Science Manager, AirBnB
  • Chris Farmer, Founder & CEO, SignalFire

Applied AI Startups for the Enterprise

Moderator: Zak Murase, Venture Partner, Global Brains


  • Chris Nicholson, Founder & CEO, Skymind.io
  • Dan Rubins, Co-Founder & CEO, Legal Robot
  • Joseph Kumph, Founder, Forkable
  • Sabrina Atienza, Founder, Qurious.io

Chatbots in the Physical World

Moderator: Jack Clark, Reporter, Bloomberg

Speaker: Oren Jacob, Co-Founder & CEO, PullString

Ingredients for Successful AI Platforms

Speaker: Hussein Mehanna, Director, Core Machine Learning, Facebook

Conversational Commerce

Moderator: Jon Corshen, Co-Founder, Pilot44 Labs


  • Puneet Mehta, Founder & CEO, MSG.AI
  • Snehal Shinde, Co-Founder & COO, Mezi
  • Michael Perry, Director of Kit, Shopify

Are Bots poised to eat the world?

Speaker: Josh Jacobs, President, Kik Interactive

VC Panel – The Rise of AI Investing

Moderator: Jordan Novet, Staff Writer, VentureBeat


  • Nicolai Wadstrom, Founder, BootstrapLabs
  • Shivon Zilis, Partner, Bloomberg Beta
  • Bilal Zuberi, Partner, Lux Capital
  • Abhi Arunachalam, Vice President, Battery Ventures

Meet Amy, your new Personal Assistant

Moderator: Josh Constine, Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch

Speaker: Dennis R. Mortensen, Founder & CEO, x.ai

Fully Autonomous Agents – The Next Big Thing in AI

Speaker: Nigel Duffy, CTO, Sentient

The Future of AI

Moderator: Amit Pradhan, Co-Founder & CEO, Zero Labs


  • Davide Venturelli, Quantum AI Lab, NASA
  • Riva-Melissa Tez, Co-Founder, Permutation
  • Mohamed Musbah, Vice President Product, Maluuba

Innovation and Inspiration through Cognitive Computing

Speaker: Swami Chandrasekaran, Chief Technologist, IBM Watson CTO

The Next Trillion Dollars AI Market

Moderator: Benjamin Levy, Co-Founder, BootstrapLabs


  • Dr. Long Phan, CEO & CTO, TopFlight Technologies
  • Luis Dussan, Founder & CEO, Aeye