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How AI Will Place Humans at the Heart of Healthcare

3:55 pm – 4:25 pm

The application of AI in healthcare is an exciting and complex area. AI promises to streamline trial-patient enrollments and support compliance, monitor patients remotely, discover biomarkers, and deliver better, faster, and cheaper diagnoses. Moderator  Margaretta Colangelo, Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures, brings together  panelists Karim Galil, Founder and CEO of Mendel Health; Simon MacGibbon, CEO and Co-Founder of Myia Labs; Nada Hanafi, Chief Strategy Officer of Experien Group; and Dr. John Rumsfeld, CIO at the American College of Cardiology and Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado. The conversation focuses on how AI can fundamentally change the healthcare system. Panelists discuss how AI will change how we access healthcare: moving from episodic action plans to constant monitoring, from ICUs in hospitals to Intensive Home Care Units (IHCUs) deployed in patients’ homes, from the ability to run virtual drug trials to the possibility for trials of one. Join us for a conversation on the most exciting and imminent areas where AI will drive positive-impact in the healthcare space.


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