Service Providers on BootstrapWorks

We built a community of people that care about applying Artificial Intelligence to solve the hardest problem for our society.

With more than 40,000 people from over 60 countries contributing to our community, we bring together an extensive number of professionals with deep domain knowledge expertise to spot trends early, share original content and advice in areas including applied artificial intelligence, data science, lean software development, IP strategy, UX/UI design, entrepreneurship, corporate development, partnerships, sales and marketing, recruiting, fundraising and exits.

We are preparing to roll out a new model to connect, advisors, coaches and service providers with startup founders in our portfolio and wider eco-system, please sign-up for BootstrapWorks below – and make sure to select that you want to offer services to startups, and we will reach out to invite you as we roll this out on BootstrapWorks.