Daniel Riedel

Advisor to BootstrapLabs Venture Studio for Climate and Energy

Daniel Riedel is an advisor to the BootstrapLabs Venture Studio for Climate and Energy. As a successful founder he brings decades of experience in technology, data, and entrepreneurship to help guide new ventures .

Daniel has testified before the United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on the topic of CyberSecurity and Data Protection. He founded and recently sold New Context, a company focused on DevSecOps, and building secure resilient infrastructure to securely manage data at scale. 

Daniel serves as a Board Director and Treasurer for OASIS, an organization that manages important industry standards such as MQTT, SAML, CTI and Amber Alerts, while also governing open organizations such as the Baseline Ethereum alliance. He continually works with global organizations to create standards and best practices to build stronger resilient infrastructure. 

Inspired by his father who worked for decades in the directorship of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories in Science and Energy,  Daniel is engaged in helping build sustainable ecosystems for human kind to thrive on Earth and beyond.