Nicolai Wadstrom

CEO, Founder, General Partner, BootstrapLabs

Nicolai is the Founder, CEO & General Partner of BootstrapLabs, a leading Silicon Valley based Venture Capital firm focused on Applied Artificial Intelligence, and the first VC firm to focus solely on AI since 2015 – with over 30+ AI first portfolio companies.

Nicolai launched his first business at 15, first tech startup in his early 20’s and have been launching and building companies through-out his professional career and launched BootstrapLabs in San Francisco Bay Area in 2008.

He brings 25+ years of operational experience as founding CEO & CTO scaling software technology platforms in VR, Internet, Financial Trading Systems (publicly listed on NASDAQ:OMX), Enterprise Software, etc.

Through BootstrapLabs he has invested in, advised, and mentored 35+ companies and founding teams, helping them successfully build and scale proprietary technology, products, teams and operations.

He is applying lifetime of operational, entrepreneurial and technology product development experience to support the BootstrapLabs portfolio companies to build and scale.

He is also a frequent speaker and mentor at top Universities and Conferences in the US and Europe on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Disruption, Startups and Venture Capital.

Short Form Bio

For Press, Speaking Engagements etc

  • Launched first business at 15, first tech startup in his early 20’s.
  • Angel Investor 2004, VC 2008, Pure Applied AI VC 2015.
  • Supporting portfolio companies to build and scale with 25+ years of operational experience as a Founder, CEO & CTO, launching and scaling technology across sectors such as VR (90’s), Internet, Financial Trading Systems (public on NASDAQ:OMX), Enterprise Software, etc
  • Invested in, advised, and mentored 40+ companies, supporting on Product, IP, technology, Talent and operations
  • Together with the founding team at BootstrapLabs led, priced, constructed, and actively managed an Applied AI Venture Capital portfolio of 30+ companies.