Sylvain Duranton

Managing Director and Senior Partner of Boston Consulting Group

Sylvain Duranton is Managing Director, Sr Partner of Boston Consulting Group, Global Leader of BCG GAMMA, a business unit dedicated to Data Science and Advanced Analytics applied to business. He manages a team of 850+ data scientists and provide support to businesses in the field of AI for companies across the world. Sylvain advocates for a “Human plus AI” approach using AI systems alongside humans, not instead of them and shares the specific formula companies can adopt to successfully employ AI while keeping humans in the loop.

Sylvain Duranton joined BCG in 1993 and is also a member of the Marketing & Sales global leadership team. He is the founder and president of a chess club. Sylvain is also an executive board member for one of the largest French NGOs which aims to alleviate poverty and improve access to housing.