New release: VM Failover

Fresh from Witsbits:

The new Witsbits release enables failover by allowing users to switchover virtual machines from a failed host server to an operational host server. If one of your host server fails then log in to the web based management console, select a VM on a failed host, click the Failover button and select an operational server to re-launch it on. Witsbits will move the VM from the failed host to the operational host. This capability is automatically enabled for all VMs on host servers with network attached storage.

This release also upgrades the management interface with numerous additions and fixes. Check it out and see for your self – and let me know what you think!

The screenshots:

A host with a VM has failed
Select the VM and click on the Failover button
Select an operational host server to switchover the VM to and click Failover

Stay cool,

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