New Release: Import Virtual Machines

Fresh from Witsbits:

New stuff – You can now (or actually since November 1) extend our library of pre-configured VMs with your own custom VMs or templates. Just add your VMs to Witsbits and you can quickly launch them on any server, in any location, when ever you want to.

The following virtual machine containers are currently supported

  • VMDK – Virtual Machine Disk (VMware),
  • VDI – Virtual Disk Image (VirtualBox)
  • QCOW2 – QEMU Copy On Write (KVM and Red Hat)
Please let us know if you need support for another format and we’d be happy to add it for you.

This is how it works:

Click the Add button.
Type a name for the template, enter the URL to the VM container and select the OS type. Then click Add.
The template is in your list of templates.
Click Start on the template to open the start dialog. Then enter a name for the VM and choose where to deploy it. Next, click Power On to start the VM.

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