New Release: LIVEvisor on your hard drive

Fresh from Witsbits:


LIVEvisor now installs on your Hard Drive

With the latest release of Witsbits the LIVEvisor actually installs on your hard drive when you choose which local drive to store your VMs on.

The benefit is that you can reboot your host servers remotely without ever re-inserting the LIVEvisor boot CD/USB-key. So, from now on, use the boot CD/USB-key once to get your bare metal servers hooked up to the Witsbits web service, and that’s it – you can then manage it completely from the web without thinking about any host operating system.

Talk about Witsbits today in SF

I will be talking about Witsbits at House of Genius San Francisco today at 6pm PST. The event is hosted by Bear Data Solutions, at 128 Spear St in San Francisco. Send me an email if you’re in the neighborhood.


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