BootstrapLabs Joins Panel At Italian Innovation Day

San Francisco, October 12, 2018 –  Luigi Congedo, Principal at BootstrapLabs, was invited to join the Italian Innovation Day panel to discuss the realities of the startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley for young, Italian tech entrepreneurs.

Luigi Congedo, Speaking Events, Italian Trade, Innovation


The Italian Innovation Day Panel, part of the Launch Scale 2018 event, was presented by the Italian Trade Agency as a way to highlight the importance of supporting Italian Founders and leaders in the US. As an Italian living and working in San Francisco, Luigi shared his thoughts on the technological landscape from the perspective of a Venture Capitalist.

Moderated by Jason Calacanis, Angel Investor and Host at “This Week In Startups”, and joined by three tech executives – Mauro Aprile Zanetti – Chief Evangelist at Cloud4Wi, Simone Brunozzi – Founder/CEO of Fabrica, and Fabrizio Capobianco – CEO of, the panel offered a priceless opportunity for emerging startups and founders to get first-hand advice about the realities of becoming an established leader in the technology sector.

Innovation Day

Launch Scale is an initiative that teaches young entrepreneurs how to grow and scale a startup. The Italian Trade Agency is a governmental agency that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investments in Italy.


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