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BootstrapLabs has released several videos featuring interviews and presentations from new and past events on its online proprietary platform, BootstrapWorks.

BootstrapWorks is a community-centric platform that brings together the BootstrapLabs Applied AI community – a place where AI founders, executives, and investors can share insights, learn, and build great companies.

Latest video release: Applied AI and Intelligent Communities

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Today, startups are able to use AI to more efficiently and successfully engage, manage, and empower communities to deliver next-generation services and create new business models. From virtual hospitals managing thousands of lives in real time, to community-centric networks powering the internet of things at the edge, or more sustainable energy production and smarter consumption. Intelligent communities will no doubt be at the heart of our new digital society and AI will play a major role in accelerating this transformation.

Speakers include:

  • Ben Levy, Co-Founder and General Partner, BootstrapLabs
  • Natalia Olson-Urtecho, Chief Strategy,  Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, The Disruptive Factory
  • Simon MacGibbon, CEO and Co-Founder, Myia Health
  • Micha Benoliel, CEO and Co-Founder, Nodle

More about BootstrapLabs Applied AI Insiders Series

BootstrapLabs Applied AI Insiders Series are quarterly, invite-only, networking events with thought leaders from our community sharing their latest insights and real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence across industries in which we invest. The fourth Industrial Revolution is already creating billions of dollars in opportunities and will impact people, corporations, and society in profound ways; the question is, what are you doing about it today?

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