Announcing BootstrapLabs Portfolio – Applied AI Impact Report 2021

Artificial Intelligence technologies, applied to some of the world’s most important problems, have the potential to drive a major positive impact for people, corporations, and society.

Since our decision 6 years ago to invest exclusively in Applied Artificial Intelligence startups in sectors such as the Future of Work, Mobility, Health, Finance, Cyber, Energy, and Climate, we could not be more proud of the founders we have backed, the products they have brought to market, and the positive impact they are creating today and will create tomorrow.

Venture Capitalists are focused on driving returns for their investors, and so is BootstrapLabs, but we have also realized that the most successful investments are often those capable of driving positive change for millions of people, directly, or indirectly.

Technology’s exponential performance and adoption curve offer an opportunity to create massive utility value at a speed never seen before and reach millions of people in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost it took only a decade ago.

At BootstrapLabs, we do not believe that you have to choose between investing for return and investing for impact. We believe that as a Venture Capital firm you can achieve both. However, it is necessary to invest with purpose and make conscious choices to enact and support the changes you, and your limited partners, want to see in the world.

BootstrapLabs Portfolio – Applied AI Impact Report 2021 is an effort to recognize the positive impact that some of our Applied AI portfolio companies, and their founders, have and will continue to have on people, corporations, and society.

Wishing you all happy holidays!

The Team @ BootstrapLabs.