All the tools a Founder needs!


BootstrapLabs is excited to announce a new partnership with Foundersuite where we are getting 6 months of free access for all of our portfolio companies and network partners.

BootstrapLabs has been actively mentoring and advising the team at Foundersuite since 2012 when the company was just a raw idea. The concept has evolved considerably since then and is now used by almost 3k startups in 91 countries.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 4.39.33 PM

Foundersuite is a SaaS platform containing productivity tools and templates for entrepreneurs. Some highlights include the Media CRM (manage PR and journalist outreach), Company Tracker (keep tabs on partners or competitors) and Investor CRM (a visual, elegant way to manage a fundraise, built on top of AngelList and LinkedIn APIs).

It also includes 70+ templates for doing things like writing a founders’ agreement, recruiting advisors, creating a cap table, building a 12 month hiring plan, and much more.

We really think FounderSuite has turned into an exciting product that really helps founders with a lot of the grind around investors, legal documents, Media/PR etc.