Adam Somlai-Fischer

Co-Founder and Principal Artist

Adam is the co-founder and principal artist of Prezi. He created the very first prezis in early 2000 for his personal projects and he is still a pioneer in visual storytelling and conversational presenting.

He always loved presenting ideas visually. As a young upcoming architect, and later as an established artist, life has always driven him to singular moments when he could present to audiences around the globe. From tiny pecha kuchas in Singapore to massive tech events with audiences of many thousands in Europe, it is the very same magic that drove him: how can you go on a journey together, how can you understand something together, and how can you walk away with new ideas and the mindset to change things.

The same urge drove him to learn coding–and he created the first prototype of Prezi 15 years ago; started the company with his two co-founders in 2008; and built Prezi to 300 employees worldwide, 85 million users, and the largest database of public presentations today. learning how to work with teams, how to turn ideas into product, leading to two billion plus prezis views.

Adam believes that our future will require us to be more creative, more conversational and to be faster, better communicators. Adam believes sharing ideas visually to help people make better decisions is the way forward.