Aleksandar Savic

Full Stack Developer

Aleksandar Savic is a Full-Stack Developer at BootstrapLabs, a leading venture capital firm, based in Silicon Valley and focused on Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Aleksandar is responsible for developing intelligent software and tools that enhance the effectiveness and scalability of BootstrapLabs’ operations. In this role, he also delivers value-added products and services to the firm’s portfolio companies and their founders. Currently he is the lead developer on a software project that leverages comprehensive data sourced from public channels to enhance Bootstrap Labs’ investment model.

Before joining BootstrapLabs, Aleksandar gained valuable software development experience completing a Bachelor of Engineering degree and working at a top FAANG company. He has since built many products in the financial and crypto space, combining both his passions of finance and software.

Aleksandar’s love for building products that have a positive impact on people’s lives is what led him to BootstrapLabs. He hopes to continue creating a positive impact on society through technology along with the rest of the team at BootstrapLabs.