Erik Starck

Head of BootstrapLabs Venture Studio for Future of Work

Erik Starck is the Head of the BootstrapLabs Venture Studio for Future of Work, with the goal of building the startups that provide the operating system for the 21st century organization.

Erik brings a depth of experience in building and launching technology based companies and products. He started his first company in 1998 (acquired 2000), launched a Startup Studio in 2013, and has spent the past decade with one foot in the startup ecosystem and one in the large corporations such as IKEA & Sony – to inject start-up DNA, entrepreneurial and agile thinking to build better products, happier customers, and more efficient organizations.

His career has covered programming, being a startup CEO, running a startup studio, working as a “future scout” and trend spotter as well as hosting a YouTube show for startups and launching a startup accelerator in the area of health.

Erik is passionate about helping individuals, teams and companies work better to make more impact in a sustainable and satisfying way. A passion he brings to the role as Head of the BootstrapLabs Venture Studio for Future of Work.

Born in Malmö, Sweden, Erik graduated from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola with a M.Sc. in Software Engineering in 1999.