Mark Mavroudis

VP Operations

Mark Mavroudis is VP Operations at BootstrapLabs, a leading Venture Capital firm based in Silicon Valley and focused on Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Mark is responsible for managing the ongoing operations of BootstrapLabs, including managing the back office, LP reporting and keeping the whole BootstrapLabs organization running smoothly.

Mark Mavroudis has held leadership roles in private and public companies managing complex businesses and rapid growth. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science and was a technical contributor, writing systems and applications software, before moving into engineering management, product planning, business development and sales & marketing. Mark’s experience was developed at large corporations such as IBM, Siemens, and Xerox, and he was a founding member/senior manager at a successful startup company that went public. He has held other executive roles in early-stage startup companies.