Ola Sambergs

Co-Founder & CTO
Charm Solutions

Ola is a skilled technical executive and leader of development teams, with a passion for technology. He has a long background in advanced systems architecture and distributed systems design. He has excellent intrapersonal communication skills, a very hands-on management style with a proven track record of building efficient, loyal, and skilled technical teams.

Ola has a very good understanding of the complex interactions between technology and business, and how this translates to good technical strategy. For over 30 years, Ola has held various technical leadership and architectural roles across a wide range of business sectors including finance, life sciences, online media, travel and the public sector, with a heavy focus on startups. He has helped many European companies securely and efficiently navigate the initial technical inception period, making the first technical choices, defining the first architecture, and forming the first development teams, with a solid understanding of how to best build technology for fast-moving companies attempting to reach product-market fit quickly.

He has held management team positions for the last 20 years and has co-founded several startups.