Sam Rawstorne

Portfolio Success

Sam Rawstorne is an experienced startup operator with over 25 years of experience growing and scaling technology companies in Silicon Valley. Before joining BootstrapLabs where he supports all portfolio companies with their day-to-day execution ranging from talent searches, vendor selection, fundraising, strategic partnerships, and corporate development, Sam was a co-founder and COO of Myia Health, a remote patient health monitoring and management software platform that leverages AI to optimize patient’s health and improve outcomes.

Over the years, Sam held various senior management roles ranging from founder, CEO, COO, business development, and head of talent acquisition among others. He was also an entrepreneur in residence with BCG Digital Ventures, where he spun out Myia Health.

Sam is an experienced photographer, with a passion for mixed media art and received a Bachelor of Arts Hons, at the University of the Arts London.