Krista Gambrel

Marketing Manager

Krista Gambrel is a Marketing Manager at BootstrapLabs, a leading Venture Capital firm based in Silicon Valley and focused on Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Krista is responsible for building brand awareness and thought leadership in the AI space for BootstrapLabs and contributes to the overall marketing strategy and execution. She currently manages BootstrapLabs’ thriving AI community through social media, the company’s weekly Applied AI Digest newsletter, as well as events like BootstrapLabs’ premiere annual Applied AI Conference and quarterly Applied AI Insider Series.

Prior to BootstrapLabs, Krista worked as a Digital Marketer in the Silicon Valley startup space helping to bring immersive video to mobile with Mindie and innovating the sports vertical with mobile first tracking and scoring technology at 18Birdies. She is also a highly-skilled metal artist and launched her own jewelry company in San Francisco, Ende Collective, which can be found online and in stores around the US.

Born in Idaho, Krista graduated from San Jose State University with B.F.A in Spatial Arts and has a certificate in Renaissance Architecture from CSU Florence, IT.