Mikael Lirbank

Lead “Full-Stack” Developer

Mikael Lirbank is Lead “Full-Stack” Developer at BootstrapLabs, a leading venture capital firm, based in Silicon Valley and focused on Applied Artificial Intelligence.

He is responsible for developing intelligent software and tools that increase the efficiency and scalability of BootstrapLabs’ operations while providing BootstrapLabs’ portfolio companies and their founders’ value-add products and services.

Prior to BootstrapLabs, Mikael founded several software startups and projects. He is the Founder of Witsbits, Inc. (a BootstrapLabs portfolio company acquired by ClearCenter) which pioneered cloud managed server virtualization, and PIPE which provides an online service to help companies find new customers efficiently. He was recently lead developer in a large software project aimed at improving data quality for machine learning applications.

Mikael loves creating beautiful software products and his passion for technology and entrepreneurship took him from his native Sweden to San Francisco. He lives in Tiburon just north of San Francisco with his family and when he is not helping BootstrapLabs shape the future, he loves to go mountain biking and to hang out with his daredevil kids.