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    About BootstrapLabs

    Elevator pitch

    BootstrapLabs is a Global Venture Technology Investment Company that taps into the most talented entrepreneurs globally at an early stage of their startups to build global companies from Silicon Valley.

    We employ a very hands on and entrepreneurial approach to support and advise startup entrepreneurs, help them execute to the best of their ability and tap into the benefits of Silicon Valley.

    We have startups from 40 countries being referred to our Silicon Valley hands-on investment model.

    Our story

    Since 2009, BootstrapLabs has helped foreign born startups such as Prezi, Witsbits, AudioDraft and Zerply to connect and relocate to the Silicon Valley eco-system, while maintaining their roots in their home countries, often hiring more people there. Today these startups are valued at $500M+, employ 300+ people and raised over $20M in follow on funding from Angels and VCs in Silicon Valley.

    How are we different?


    We select a few number of startups from the thousands we screen each year; we do not have fixed enrollment or cut-off dates; we pick the right team, at the right time chasing the right opportunity. Working with fewer companies allows us to provide deeper engagement, and increase the success-rate for our companies.


    We believe early stage companies in general, and especially those relocating into Silicon Valley from other eco-systems, need a lot of attention and guidance so we always work closely with our teams, sit down physically or virtually every week and track progress against clear value creation milestones. We always work hard to help our founders tackle the hardest problems, create focus and priority on what moves them to the next level.

    True Bootstrappers

    We truly believe that small is beautiful, and true to our name we believe a startup should be small and nimble and can make a lot of progress quickly in achieving Product Market Fit and validation with very little resources, by keeping the right focus and priorities. Our motto is: Lean and mean while you figure it out and quickly scale with more resources once you do.

    BootstrapLabs by the numbers


    Founder @BootstrapLabs. Coding @ 10 y/o. Founder, CEO, CTO. Advisor (@Prezi, @Zerply), Parallel Entrepreneur, Operator, Angel (@Prezi & @AngelList).
    Co-founder @BootstrapLabs, Coach, Startups, Strategic Biz Dev, Funding, M&A expert, software eats the world, windsurfer, snowboarder, husband, father of 2.
    Strong Sales, Bus Dev, Global Mgmt background. Senior & Executive positions in startups and enterprise organizations.
    Research scientist passionate about making sense of big data. Studying the brain, computer vision and statistical data analysis, modeled human behavior using machine learning, Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics from the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in 2004.
    Co-Founder&CEO @Common Tribes. Formerly Co-founder&CTO @Solid Information Technology (acquired by IBM)
    Intel, HP, Corporate development and innovation strategies, sage advisor to startups from around the world.

    Korean Partner Team

    Hyuck-Tae (Ted) Kwon
    Shinhyuk Kang

    Malaysian Partner Team

    Andrew Wong
    Alice Fong
    Serial entprepreneur who has launched, grown, and sold numerous startups. Past ventures include and Virtual Shopping. Currently at
    Head of Digital Strategy @Ericsson. Founder and former CTO at @Joyent. I specialize in revenue generation, and all activities required to make it happen.
    Started 3 Internet companies (IPRO, @Topica & @TextMarks); Director at Kana, @Linkexchange, Freedom Financial, @Odeo and @StumbleUpon. BS from @MIT. MBA from @Stanford
    CEO MTGx and CDO at MTG. Global Marketing Director Google, CEO XLENT, CEO Digiscope, Co-founder Scandinavia Online. Future Astronaut with Virgin Galactic.