About Us

BootstrapLabs is a venture building platform that was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We understand firsthand the needs and challenges of building a startup, and we invest early in potentially disruptive technology startups with global potential.


We invest in people and provide them with advice, experience, skills and access to our network.
BootstrapLabs has formed a team with deep domain knowledge expertise to accelerate the development and success of its portfolio companies.


In addition to our core team, BootstrapLabs has established relationships with and access to top talent in Silicon Valley and beyond.

We are a community of global thinkers, disruption drivers and venture builders.

Thought Leadership

BootstrapLabs’ blog delivers research, knowledge and insight into the latest happenings in technology, investment, and the startup ecosystem in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the world.

We leverage our extensive network of professionals with deep domain expertise to produce original content in areas such as applied artificial intelligence, investments, and insights into lean product development, UX/UI design, data science, sales and marketing, recruiting, fundraising and legal issues.

More than 30.000 people from around 60 countries are already reading our posts, participating in our events and contributing to our community.