People at BootstrapLabs

The most valuable asset at BootstrapLabs is the people, our core team, advisory board and network of mentors/advisors and beyond


Founder @BootstrapLabs. Coding @ 10 y/o. Founder, CEO, CTO. Advisor (@Prezi, @Zerply), Parallel Entrepreneur, Operator, Angel (@Prezi & @AngelList).
Co-founder @BootstrapLabs, Coach, Startups, Strategic Biz Dev, Funding, M&A expert, software eats the world, windsurfer, snowboarder, husband, father of 2.
Evangelist @BootstrapLabs and Program Director @SVInFusion. Startup passionate, Screening and Vetting, mentoring, Biz Dev, Marketing and Branding Strategy.
Serial entprepreneur who has launched, grown, and sold numerous startups. Past ventures include and Virtual Shopping. Currently at
Head of Digital Strategy @Ericsson. Founder and former CTO at @Joyent. I specialize in revenue generation, and all activities required to make it happen.
Started 3 Internet companies (IPRO, @Topica & @TextMarks); Director at Kana, @Linkexchange, Freedom Financial, @Odeo and @StumbleUpon. BS from @MIT. MBA from @Stanford
CEO MTGx and CDO at MTG. Global Marketing Director Google, CEO XLENT, CEO Digiscope, Co-founder Scandinavia Online. Future Astronaut with Virgin Galactic.

Some of the Advisors at our portfolio companies