Customize colors, fonts, drag and drop files!

Fresh from the Prezi blog:

Let’s celebrate this holiday season with some long awaited Prezi features!

Color Wizard

Finally you can customize Prezi themes! Available from the bubble menu, Color Wizard allows to customize Prezi theme colors, and select a font set of choice from the wizard’s font library. The wizard has a smart color selector system that suggests nice colors for different theme elements based on your initial selections. Alternatively, you can also create branded Prezi themes by adding your exact company colors to the wizard.

Paying users (Pro, EduPro and Enjoy, EduEnjoy) can even add their logo to their custom theme.

Related feature: design professionals can now create branded Prezi themes for free. The CSS code of prezi themes is now available for customizing in a standalone editor.
Color Wizard and the CSS editor are accessible with all license types.

Drag and drop files to PreziDesktop

Drag and drop images, videos and PDF documents directly to PreziDesktop from your computer! The color wizard and CSS editing is also available in this update of the offline editor.

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