Merry X-Mas and Happy New year!

We had a great new 2010, that saw the recovery from the financial crisis, and an exciting fall in the startup space, especially here in the Bay area where we are seeing a large amount of interesting companies being launched, and a large mount of investments being made to accelerate those. We have seen great momentum with the companies we work with such as Urban Metrics, Witsbits and Prezi this year.

Here at BootstrapLabs we think 2011 will be more exciting than ever, some say bubble, but with a large number of early stage startups to companies like Facebook and Groupon profitable and growing quickly and established companies with 100’s of billion dollars in cash reserves (to use for M&A), in 2011 we will see some of the most exciting IPO’s and acquisitions in a long time, which will fuel furthers investments and inspire many new startups to be created.

Here’s our Christmas card (of course created in Prezi):

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

NIcolai Wadstrom
BootstrapLabs CEO/Founder