Video synchronization is finally here!

Fresh from Audiodraft:

As you’ve probably already noticed, AudioDraft has been testing a video player feature which is making your audio acquisition even easier! AudioDraft video synchronization is a solution when you want the audio to be a perfect match for your video clip.

Using the video player is easy from a contest holder’s point of view: Just set up a contest on AudioDraft, upload your video clip to our service, launch the contest and evaluate all tracks in the contest automatically synchronized with your video. See an example how the video player works from a custom contest by Pro Sound Effects. (Video player is on upper right corner, audio suggestions below it. Just push play button to change the audio tracks.)

Also sound designers are able to preview their tracks before submitting them to the contest page. In this way it’s possible to do changes to syncing before submitting if needed.

The video player is just one new functionality on AudioDraft during this spring, so new cool stuff will be introduced soon!

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