New features for Audiodraft Music Library

Fresh from Audiodraft:

We just published our first update from many to come for Audiodraft Music Library. It now allows two new uses – 1) you can request customization for the tracks easily directly from the composer and 2) you are able to bid for the price for a specific license. Both of these are explained in detail below.

Get production music customized to your needs

All the content on Audiodraft Music Library is produced by our network of over 15,000 music composers. We are proud to present a new feature which allows you to request changes to our production music tracks directly from the composers themselves.

Start by searching our production music library to find a track that matches your needs. By registering to Audiodraft you also get access to the “My Favorites” section, which allows you to collect suitable tracks to favorite lists for easier access when reviewing the possibilities. Once you’ve found your perfect tune, click the “Buy” button and select the “Customize” option from the page. You can also license the track as it is by clicking the “Select this license”.

On the “Custom Music Library request” page, start by selecting the duration of the license you need. This will automatically fill in the price for the license. You have the option to change the price you offer. The more customization you need for the track the more you should add to the licensing price. Once you have the license and price information inputted, click the “Request for modifications” link on the bottom of the page and input the details of your customization needs.

Once you click the “Send offer” button, the request will be sent for the composer’s approval. Once they have accepted your offer, you can pay for the licensing fee. This will open up a separate project page where the composer can upload the files you requested and you have the option to review everything. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Release payment” button and you will be able to download all the files and we will handle the payment to the composer. Simple and secure.

Bid for the price of the license

Audiodraft Music Library now also allows you to make an offer for any of the license types. The process also works through the customization feature (see the chapter above).

Start by finding a perfect track from the Music Libary. After clicking the “Buy” button, and selecting the “Customize” option, you will end up on the “Custom Music Library Request” page. When you select the duration for your license, the price field will be populated with a default price for the defined duration. All you have to do is to change the price and send the offer for the composer to approve.

Please note that we still do not allow bidding with prices lower to the 1 year license default price.

Updates to Audiodraft

We are constantly improving Audiodraft and adding new features and more music to Audiodraft Music Library. The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to our customer newsletter.

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Audiodraft launch the sound of Tim Ferris contest

Tim’s new book “The 4-Hour Chef” is coming soon. Now you have a chance to do the sound design for the teaser video. Go nuts! Any kind of styles, genres or moods are welcome. Be creative and you’ll be noticed. Vast amount of likes and shares for your entry doesn’t hurt either.

Read more at the Audiodraft contest page and on Tim Ferris blog.

Audiodraft Marketplace goes public!

Fresh from Audiodraft:

Audiodraft has launched a new featured called Marketplace!

Marketplace is an online store of exclusive music! All the tracks are produced by the talented worldwide Audiodraft sound designer community and handpicked by music professionals to ensure the great quality. Marketplace is offering only exclusive licenses so a single tune can be sold only once. Marketplace is a solution when you need high quality audio immediately but you do not want to risk others using the same audio somewhere else.

All tracks on Marketplace are:

Immediately available – Listen and buy
Exclusive – All the tracks on Audiodraft Marketplace are sold with exclusive licenses only!
These tracks are not available anywhere else. Once you purchase a license the track is not available for anyone else. You will have an exclusive license to the production!
Flexible – All licenses on Audiodraft Marketplace are worldwide and all inclusive (covers all media).
High Quality – All the tracks on Audiodraft Marketplace are handpicked from the selection provided by the Audiodraft community of tens of thousands of sound designers and musicians. We make sure the quality is top notch!

Even though Audiodraft Marketplace is now up and running, it’s still developing day by day. We are more than happy to assist you on your audio needs and answer any possible questions. Please don´t hesitate to contact us:

sales (at)


Arto Tolonen
arto (at)
+358 45 200 3881

Start browsing Marketplace here!

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Audiodraft launches marketplace

Audiodraft that just joined the BootstrapLabs portfolio is today launching it’s marketplace. The marketplace allows purchasers of custom audio to find a large pool of custom and unique audio content instantly.

The Marketplace also allows audio designers on the Audiodraft platform to monetize their audio portfolios.

Read more about the Marketplace here!

Audiodraft joins BootstrapLabs

We are exicted to announce that Audiodraft joins BootstrapLabs.

Advertising agencies, production companies and game studios in the US are pouring $5B into custom audio through an outdated process. Audiodraft is disrupting this market by creating the global marketplace for custom audio.

The creative production industry is struggling with complicated procurement and licensing to get custom audio. Audiodraft has created an efficient process and simplified licensing by connecting any company in need of custom audio to thousands of talented sound designers across the globe. Audiodraft offers an effortless marketplace to crowdsource custom audio production, through a contest model.

Big brands and agencies love Audiodraft:

To “Audiodraft” is already starting to become a verb in audio production.

Audiodraft emphasizes the meaning of audio branding. With Audiodraft you can get custom made music and sound design easily whether you need background music for a TV commercial, Online Video and content, theme music for a mobile game, or an audio logo for your company.

By coming part of the BootstrapLabs portfolio, Audiodraft will now accelerate it’s presence in San Francisco/Silicon Valley where Teemu Yli-Hollo, CEO/Co-founder of Audiodraft is already based. This means Audiodraft will accelerate the US market roll-out and Silicon Valley funding to capture the global market for custom audio.

BootstrapLabs is today also launching an Audiodraft contest to crodsource the audio branding of BootstrapLabs, check it out here!

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Video synchronization is finally here!

Fresh from Audiodraft:

As you’ve probably already noticed, AudioDraft has been testing a video player feature which is making your audio acquisition even easier! AudioDraft video synchronization is a solution when you want the audio to be a perfect match for your video clip.

Using the video player is easy from a contest holder’s point of view: Just set up a contest on AudioDraft, upload your video clip to our service, launch the contest and evaluate all tracks in the contest automatically synchronized with your video. See an example how the video player works from a custom contest by Pro Sound Effects. (Video player is on upper right corner, audio suggestions below it. Just push play button to change the audio tracks.)

Also sound designers are able to preview their tracks before submitting them to the contest page. In this way it’s possible to do changes to syncing before submitting if needed.

The video player is just one new functionality on AudioDraft during this spring, so new cool stuff will be introduced soon!

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