Welcoming back Ben Levy @ BootstrapLabs, Post Asian#214 Crash Landing at SFO

ben_sumi_reunitedAs some of you might know, Ben Levy, a Partner at BootstrapLabs was on flight Asiana #214 that crashed landed at San Francisco Airport on July 6th, 2013 around 11:27am. NBC Bay Area channel anchor Raj Mathai broke the news and Ben was the first survivor on air from his hospital bed that day.

We now understand that Ben, that was seated in an emergency exit row, played a key role in helping survivors getting out of the plane as quickly as possible and went on to assist other passengers stuck in the back of the plane where he was seated.

For those of you who are lucky enough to know Ben personally, you will not be surprised by his actions. He is just that kind of guy… Positive, can do attitude and always ready to help others. Beloved father of 2 young boys and husband to a wonderful wife, Sumi, we are extremely thankful to have Ben back among us and look forward to continuing building our dream together.

Like a lot of the passengers on the Asiana plane that day, we feel extremely lucky to have Ben on our side, EVERY DAY of the week.

Please join us in officially welcoming Ben (@BenLevy74) back at BootstrapLabs!


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  1. Maxim Gurvits
    Maxim Gurvits says:

    Wow, Ben, I didn’t even know this happened to you. So great to hear that you’re alive and well, I hope that any physical or psychological trauma will heal fast. Stay strong,live to the fullest, many warm regards to you and your family!

  2. Rachna Sethi
    Rachna Sethi says:

    OMG!! I had no idea. I am so so glad to hear you’re alive and that you survived this crash. Would love to catch up soon.

  3. Gioia
    Gioia says:

    Ben, my thoughts have been with you and your family this whole time. You’re a true hero!

    I am very glad to hear that you’ll soon be back to work. May the second life that has been given to you reward you with even more happiness, satisfaction, love and fulfillment.
    I hope to see you soon! Welcome back!!!

  4. Marcia and Ole Sander
    Marcia and Ole Sander says:

    Ben, your heroic acts of courage during this frightful event clearly demonstrate your leadership qualities and tremendous strength. I hope you will continue to inspire us all by doing big and wonderful in the road ahead of you. Life is a journey and everyday is a blessing to be cherished. Make every day count.

  5. Robert Reiz
    Robert Reiz says:

    By reading the first line of the email I was shocked! But now I am very glad that you survived and you are well on. Let’s catch up as soon I am back in San Francisco.

  6. Stef Delbecque
    Stef Delbecque says:

    Ben, while I was not aware of you being in that plane, I’m not surprised about the rest of the story. Congratulations on being back.

  7. Lars Larsen
    Lars Larsen says:

    Ben, you are truly an inspiration to all of us. For those of us fortunate to know you personally and professionally, your heroic acts did not come as a surprise. BootstrapLabs are lucky to have you on their team.

  8. Natasha Kurtova
    Natasha Kurtova says:

    What a life changing experience! You must treasure life so much more after this life threatening event. I admire you, Ben, for helping others in the situation when most people would think first about themselves…Welcome back!

    • Capt. Jeff
      Capt. Jeff says:

      Hi, Ben. My name is Capt. Jeff, host of the Airline Pilot Guy aviation podcast. I’d love to talk to you about your experience on Asiana 214, if you’d be up for it. I think many of my listeners could gain valuable insight hearing your words…

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