We welcome Smartsy to BootstrapLabs!

77261-df6fc67ab325405cfc98927cc50c4cce-thumb_jpgWe welcome Smartsy to the BootstrapLabs Silicon Valley Accelerator Program!

Smartsy leverages the 3Bn+ camera installed on smartphones to deliver a simple “snap and _learn, _save, _buy, _comment” user experience through it’s mobile app to magazine readers while driving near zero cost app downloads by partnering with publishers and brands to advertise it to millions of readers.

With 12Bn product pages printed in the US each year (excl. 230Bn advertising pages), Smartsy is already working with some of the world biggest fashion magazines, brands and retailers, including Biba, Grazzia, Zoomdle, Red Bull, LVMH and others, to unlock an overlooked multi-billion dollars market opportunity.

More details here and also check-out Smartsy’s AngelList profile!