BootstrapLabs around the world

In the past few weeks, the BootstrapLabs team have been speaking at various events around the world, some highlights:

Arabnet Digital Summit (Dubai)

Benjamin Levy shared the BootstrapLabs story and spoke about how startups in emerging markets are creating grass-roots empowerment for the future of our global economy at Arabnet Digital Summit.

Also don’t miss the interview with Benjamin Levy about BootstrapLabs from the event.

2014 MENA Angel Investor Summit (Bahrain)

Benjamin Levy shared the BootstrapLabs story and gave feedback to startups at the 2014 MENA Angel Investor Summit in Bahrain, and build valuable connections in the regional startup eco-system.

New Factory Open – “Startup killed the Corporate Star” (Finland)

Nicolai Wadstrom shared insights from 20 years of startups, 5 years at BootstrapLabs of bridging startups around the world to Silicon Valley and how corporate R&D and innovation is being disrupted by Startups.


Arctic15 – On BootstrapLabs, Corporate innovation & Startup culture in Silicon Valley (Finland)

Nicolai Wadstrom shared the BootstrapLabs story and highlights around cultural differences between Silicon Valley and Europe when it comes to startups and Corporate Innovation.


Benjamin Levy in Korea

Keep an eye out for meeting up with BootstrapLabs’ Benjamin Levy in Korea in the next few weeks, he will be in Seoul to meet with potential new startups to bring to Silicon Valley or to go through our accelerator in Korea.