BootstrapLabs Holiday Cheers!

Dear Bootstrappers,

It has been a terrific  year for BootstrapLabs and no doubt 2015 will be even greater!

The quality of our deal-flow is incredible and we are privileged to be in a position to invest in, and work side-by-side with, some of the best entrepreneurs the world has to offer.

Prezi’s latest round of funding was just further validation (for the outside world) that our model to take the founders of a startup early on to Silicon Valley to build global while maintaining their development team back home could mean the difference between global success or local failure.

On that note, we thought we would share with you a short and fun holiday video about startups and founders:

Wishing you happy holidays and best wishes for 2015.

As always, stay hungry, stay foolish and keep your eyes on the ball!

The Team at BootstrapLabs