AngelList Syndicates 1-0-1

AngelList logoAs most you know I have been an early supporter of what Naval and his team is doing with AngelList, I think AngelList is disrupting the whole angel and early-stage Venture Capital landscape, and thus we are also an investor in AngelList.

Because I get a lot of questions about how AngelList works in general and about how our syndicate works, I thought I should share a quick Q&A here on our blog, please ping me with any additional questions, and I will add them to this blog post.

What happens when I back a syndicate? Does that mean that I commit funds for future deals?

Because only if you back our syndicate you will have access to our deal flow, get notify about new deals and have access to future co-invest opportunity with us in the deal.

How much do I have to commit?

This varies with every syndicate, for BootstrapLabs syndicates (our Seed Syndicate and our A+ Syndicate) the minimum investment is $2,500. Usually Angels back the syndicate with amount from $10K to $25K. Please note the amount you choose when you back a syndicate represent the maximum you will be able to invest and you will have the ability to opt-in or opt-out on every deal that is syndicated (and you can always pick a lower amount for a particular deal).

For example if you back a syndicate with $10k you can also invest $2.5K on the next deal but you have a limit of $10K for all deals syndicates on that syndicate.

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