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Applied AI Digest


The Great A.I. Awakening

How Google used artificial intelligence to transform Google Translate, one of its more popular services and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself. Read more.


Mark Zuckerberg out-robots his AI robot in saccharine holiday video

Zuckerberg’s dead-eyed delivery during a two-minute humblebrag about his artificial intelligence tool Jarvis makes you question who the real robot is. Read more.


Artificial Intelligence Is More Artificial Than Intelligent

DEEPMIND HAS SURPASSED the human mind on the Go board. Watson has crushed America’s trivia gods on Jeopardy. Read more.


Automation Is Coming for SEO Content Farmers

A small company in Ohio called AI Writer has created a neural net that can churn out the search engine optimization (SEO) filler currently being created by content mills in places like India and the Philippines.  Read more.


IBM, Quanta Top Ideas at Morgan Stanley, but VR, A.I. Is Next

Morgan Stanley hardware analyst Katy Huberty today writes that three themes are going to be most influential in 2017, including Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. Read more.


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