Applied AI Digest 68

How NATO wants to use artificial intelligence in decision making

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) believes in incorporating artificial intelligence in its decision-making process, a senior official told CNBC. Read more.

Elon Musk (and 350 Experts) Predict Exactly When Artificial Intelligence Will Overtake Human Intelligence

Given the speed at which researchers are advancing artificial intelligence, the question has become not if A.I. will become smarter than its human creators, but when? Read more.

Apple is finally serious about artificial intelligence

As research teams at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, and even Amazon have broken new ground in artificial intelligence in recent years, Apple always seemed to be the odd man out. Read more.

We Need to Talk About the Power of AI to Manipulate Humans

We have all read about artificial intelligence becoming smarter than us, a future in which we become like pets and can only hope AI will be benevolent. Read more.

Understanding the hype vs. reality around artificial intelligence

With all the attention Artificial Intelligence (AI) attracts these days, a backlash is inevitable – and could even be constructive. Any technology advancing at a fast pace and with such breathless enthusiasm could use a reality check. Read more.