Applied AI Digest 93

The Time is Now: Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Invest in AI

While no one can offer a crystal clear vision of all that the future holds, it has been our mission at BootstrapLabs to provide both a point of view and a toolkit for you to make the most of it. Here’s why investing in artificial intelligence is a great move to make right now. Read more.

2 Berkeley grads are using AI to make stock-buying decisions — and it could change investing forever

When Art Amador worked in private wealth management at Fidelity, his clients expected him to know absolutely everything. Whether it related to global markets, macroeconomic factors… Read more.

51 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions For 2018

It is somewhat safe to predict that AI will continue to be at the top of the hype cycle in 2018. But the following 51 predictions also envision it becoming more practical and useful, automating some jobs and augmenting many others… Read more.

Artificial Intelligence Index – 2017 Annual Report

Artificial Intelligence has leapt to the forefront of global discourse, garnering increased attention from practitioners, industry leaders, policymakers, and the general public. The diversity of opinions and debates gathered from news articles this year illustrates just how broadly AI is being… Read more.

MIT Looks at How Humans Sorta Drive in Sorta Self-Driving Cars

Almost half of Americans will hop in their cars for a Thanksgiving trip this year. But if you were being very precise—if you were a team of Massachusetts of Technology researchers who study human-machine interactions—you wouldn’t say that all those Americans are “driving,” exactly. Read more.

The Need for Artificial Intelligence: Increasing Global and Human Complexity

Despite the desire to return to supposedly simpler times, we cannot turn back. Our world is vastly different now compared to even a few decades ago. Because of phenomenal advances in medicine, housing, transportation… Read more.

Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018

The Applied AI Conference is a must-attend event for people who are working, researching, building, and investing in Applied Artificial Intelligence.


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AI World

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Job Opportunities:

GetAccept: Customer Success Manager

Sibly: Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Aeye: Software Engineer (Android)

Vidora: Senior Software Engineer – Applications

Smart Ear: Machine Learning Engineer

Trusted Insight: Data Scientist

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