Applied AI Digest 98

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Get insights on how to take advantage of AI’s powerful potential and the future impact across a breadth of sectors, including Transportation, Logistics, Energy, Healthcare, Finance, the Future of Work, and Cybersecurity.

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This Is The World’s First Graphical AI Interface

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are so difficult to understand, only a few very smart computer scientists know how to build them. But the designers of a new tool have a big ambition: to create the Javascript for AI. Read more.

What’s Bigger than Fire and Electricity? Artificial Intelligence Says Google Boss

Google CEO Sundar Pichai believes artificial intelligence could have “more profound” implications for humanity than electricity or fire, according to recent comments. Read more.

How Deep Learning Empowers Enterprise AI

Deep learning is rapidly becoming an Enterprise AI (artificial intelligence) essential, at least according to Gartner. The market research firm predicted that 80 percent of data scientists will include deep learning as part of their AI toolkits in 2018.​ Read more.

ETFs powered by artificial intelligence are getting smarter, says fund co-founder

Exchange-traded funds powered by artificial intelligence are getting smarter, according to a co-founder of EquBot, a company that created one such fund. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence is Going to Supercharge Surveillance

We usually think of surveillance cameras as digital eyes, watching over us or watching out for us, depending on your view. But really, they’re more like portholes: useful only when someone is looking through them. Sometimes that means a human watching live footage, usually from multiple video feeds. Read more.

Tips for jumpstarting your journey to developing AI apps

“AI won’t replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace those who don’t.” So write Erik Brynjolfsson and Andy McAffee in the Harvard Business Review. That’s an important point to which all managers must pay attention: AI isn’t a technology for assisting humans; it’s for augmenting them. Read more.

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