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Announcing the 2018 Applied AI Conference Speaker Line-up

We’re excited to announce that the following speakers will be joining us at the Applied AI Conference 2018, on April 12th in San Francisco:

Kay Firth-Butterfield – Head of AI and Machine Learning, World Economic Forum
Madhav Thattai – COO, Rigetti Computing
Richard Socher – Chief Scientist, Salesforce
Sangeeta Chakraborty – Chief Customer Officer, Ayasdi
Alex Holub – Founder, Vidora
Zachary Hanif – Director – Center for Machine Learning, Capital One

See Full Speaker Line-up here.

The conference is limited to 800 attendees and we usually sell out weeks ahead of our event.

DeepMind’s latest AI transfers its learning to new tasks

Backstory: Most algorithms can be trained in only one domain, and can’t use what’s been learned for one task to perform another, new one. A big hope for AI is to have systems take insights from one setting and apply them elsewhere—what’s called transfer learning. Read more.

As China Marches Forward on A.I., the White House Is Silent

In July, China unveiled a plan to become the world leader in artificial intelligence and create an industry worth $150 billion to its economy by 2030. To technologists working on A.I. in the United States, the statement, which was 28 pages long in its English translation, was a direct challenge to America’s lead… Read more.

Artificial Intelligence Just Discovered New Planets

The Kepler space telescope, which launched in 2009, has produced more than 30,000 signals measuring light from stars to search for possible planets in distant parts of the galaxy. Sifting through that and other telescope data, astronomers have found more than 3,500 planets… Read more.

Wise up, deep learning may never create a general purpose AI

AI and deep learning have been subject to a huge amount of hype. In a new paper, Gary Marcus argues there’s been an “irrational exuberance” around deep learning. In August 2015, a number of carefully selected Facebook users in the Bay Area discovered a new feature on Facebook Messenger. Known as M, the service was designed to… Read more.

The Digital Hospital: Mission-Control-Like Command Center At This Hospital Is Taking Healthcare Into The Future

In the 1960s, airports started using air traffic control technology that allowed them to swiftly transition from scheduling a few hundred flights a day to managing thousands. Now, many airports handle millions of passengers every day. Despite the vast complexity of such a logistical challenge… Read more.

2017 AI Digest Review

Every week the BootstrapLab’s team curates the most interesting and current articles on Artificial Intelligence. To inspire you in 2018, we wanted to share our 2nd Annual Applied AI Digest Review – a recap of all the major AI news and trends of 2017. Read more.

Job Opportunities:

GetAccept: Digital Marketing Manager

Sibly: Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Aeye: Software Engineer (Android)

Vidora: Senior Software Engineer – Data Engineering

Smart Ear: Chief Scientist

Trusted Insight: Data Scientist Product Marketing Director

See more job opportunities.

AAI17 Session Spotlight: Fireside Chat with Richard Socher, Chief Scientist – Salesforce