Applied AI Digest 102

More Speakers Joining the AAI18 Line-up

More speakers will be joining our lineup at the Applied AI Conference 2018, on April 12th in San Francisco:

Carolina Garcia Rizo – Chief Business Officer, Just Biotherapeutics
Nadeem Sheikh – VP Self Driving Programs, Lyft
George Mathew – Chief Executive Officer, Kespry
John Absmeier – VP – Smart Machines, Samsung
Robbie Allen – Chief Executive Officer, Infinia ML
Matt Swanson – Chief Executive Officer, Augment

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Inside Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence Flywheel

Srikanth Thirumalai met with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Thirumalai, a computer scientist who’d left IBM in 2005 to head Amazon’s recommendations team, had come to propose a sweeping new plan for incorporating the latest advances in artificial intelligence into his division. Read more.

Risky AI business: Navigating regulatory and legal dangers to come

Artificial intelligence poses a wide range of hidden and unknown dangers for enterprises deploying the technology. Here’s how to guard against the legal and compliance risks of AI… Read more.

The Democratization of AI Is Putting Powerful Tools in the Hands of Non-Experts

The shortage of qualified data scientists is often highlighted as one of the major handbrakes on the adoption of big data and AI. But a growing number of tools are putting these capabilities in the hands of non-experts, for better and for worse. Read more.

Here’s where the Pentagon wants to invest in artificial intelligence in 2019

From Amazon’s Alexa to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly improving and promises to soon transform almost every aspect of life. As data, the lifeblood of AI, increasingly becomes both a tool and a vulnerability on today’s battlefield, the Department of Defense is taking notice… Read more.

BlackRock bulks up research into artificial intelligence

BlackRock is setting up a new centre dedicated to research in artificial intelligence, underscoring the heightened interest among asset managers in how machine learning can revolutionise many facets of the investment industry. The world’s biggest investment group, with $6.3tn of assets under… Read more.

2017 AI Digest Review

Check out our 2nd Annual Applied AI Digest Review – a recap of all the major AI news and trends of 2017. Read more.

Job Opportunities:

GetAccept: Digital Marketing Manager

Sibly: Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Aeye: Software Engineer (Android)

Vidora: Senior Software Engineer – Data Engineering

Smart Ear: Chief Scientist

Trusted Insight: Data Scientist Product Marketing Director

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AAI17 Session Spotlight: Keynote – Quantum AI: The Next Frontier