Applied AI Digest 116

2017 AI Digest Review

Every week the BootstrapLab’s team curates the most interesting and current articles on Artificial Intelligence. To inspire you in 2018, we wanted to share our 2nd Annual Applied AI Digest Review – a recap of all the major AI news and trends of 2017.

AI researchers are halting work on human-like machines

Artificial intelligence researchers, who have seen little recent progress toward the creation of a machine that thinks like a human, have largely halted such work in favor of applying what’s been discovered so far, says a leading AI expert. Read more.

Why thousands of AI researchers are boycotting the new Nature journal

Budding authors face a minefield when it comes to publishing their work. For a large fee, as much as $3,000, they can make their work available to anyone who wants to read it. Or they can avoid the fee and have readers pay the publisher instead. Often it is libraries that foot this bill through expensive annual subscriptions. This is not the lot of wannabe fiction writers, it’s the business of academic publishing. Read more.

Automated Feature Engineering in Python

Machine learning is increasingly moving from hand-designed models to automatically optimized pipelines using tools such as H20, TPOT, and auto-sklearn. These libraries, along with methods such as random search, aim to simplify the model selection and tuning parts of machine learning by finding the best model for a dataset with little to no manual intervention. Read more.

The (holy) ghost in the machine: Catholic thinkers tackle the ethics of artificial intelligence

At first glance, Pope Francis’s January message to a cadre of business and political leaders gathered at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, appeared largely focused on the plight of the poor – a hallmark of his papacy. But it also contained a reference to an unusual topic for a pontiff: artificial intelligence… Read more.

For all the hype, AI still hasn’t impacted the US economy

There’s a suspicious absence of what many economists have expected from the AI boom happening in the US: a lift in productivity, and maybe a catastrophic loss of jobs. Despite all the hype about AI redefining businesses and industries, a new report analyzing AI’s impact on the US economy, published May 29, says it’s still too early to tell what kind of impact the technology might have. Read more.

Bridges and LIDAR

In 1999, when WAP was the future of mobile, the industry group behind SIM cards worked out a way to use the programmable space on a SIM to build a complete WAP browser. This meant that instead of having to wait for consumers to buy new phones with WAP built-in, mobile operators could push a WAP browser onto every phone already in use over the air and get people to start using these services straight away. Read more.

Job Opportunities:

CargoChief: Full-Stack Engineer

GetAccept: Digital Marketing Manager

Sibly: Head of Engineering

Aeye: Sr. Electrical Engineer

Vidora: Senior Software Engineer – Applications

Smart Ear: Lead Engineer

Trusted Insight: Django/Python Full Stack Engineer Product Marketing Director

dataalab: Senior Data Scientist

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AAI18 Keynote & Fireside Chat – How AI Is Transforming the Media

Over the next several weeks we’ll be releasing the videos from the sessions from the BootstrapLabs Applied AI Conference 2018. During this session, the panelists discussed the future of AI and the media, how it’ll empower journalists and generate new revenue streams for localized reporting.