Bootstraplabs To Speak at the innogy Unconference on October 4th

Nicolai Wadstrom, BootstrapLabs Founder and CEO, will be speaking at the innogy UnConference in Berlin on October 4, 2018. At the UnConference, innogy will bring together 350 business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts who will explore business opportunities that have the potential to shape the energy systems of the future.

Our partners at innogy believe that “the future sits at the convergence of people and technologies. In bringing together diverse groups in inspiring conversations we will generate new solutions that will allow us to disrupt the status quo and co-create the energy system of tomorrow and beyond.”  Together with Thomas Birr, Head of Innovation at innogy, Nicolai will discuss how Artificial Intelligence will impact the future of global energy systems.

Topics to be discussed at the conference and during Nicolai’s presentation will include:

  • SMART & CONNECTED: At what point will our living and working environments start to govern our lives?
  • DIGITAL DISRUPTION & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Will the digital revolution and artificial intelligence make utilities redundant?
  • HUMAN-MACHINE INTERACTION: How will machines and systems augment human intelligence
  • CYBER SECURITY: Will tech advancements put energy systems at risk? How can AI technologies help reduce these risks.

More information about the conference can be found on the organizers’ website.