Apple Vision Pro will define another category

I think Apple’s highly priced Mixed Reality headset, actually is going to be a runaway success, the initial VisionPro might not be the mass market product, but over time we will see the Vision Air, the Vision Pro 2 with longer battery life etc.

Applied Artificial Intelligence Digest 2017 Review

Applied AI Digest 2017

After decades of investing, building, and scaling software companies, BootstrapLabs realized in late 2015 that the world was about to enter a renaissance era for Artificial Intelligence, powered by an explosion of data, plummeting storage costs, increasing connectivity speed, and affordable processing power growing exponentially.

BootstrapLabs has since become one of the most active and respected early stage venture capital firms in Applied Artificial Intelligence, and its community of executives, founders, researchers and investors has grown to over 40,000. Our weekly Applied AI Digest newsletter is read by over 4,000 members, and approximately 2,000 attendees joined our annual Applied AI conferences, quarterly Applied AI Insiders Series, and workshops in the last two years.

Artificial intelligence could add as much as $15.7 trillion – about the combined output of China and India – to the global economy by 2030 but the road ahead will not be without major hurdles. In 2017, VCs invested $10.8 Billion in AI & Machine Learning companies globally and the sector saw over 200 M&A deals in the last 5 years. This is just the tip of the iceberg as most Fortune 1000 corporations will be playing catch-up for many years to come.

Entire industries will be transformed by the power of Artificial Intelligence and tomorrow’s winner are being created today.

We wish you a fantastic start to 2018. To inspire you, we thought we would share our 2nd Annual Applied AI Digest Review Presentation – a recap of all the major AI news and trends of 2017.

Applied Artificial Intelligence Digest 2017 Review

Applied AI Digest 85

What’s Next for Artificial Intelligence?

BootstrapLabs is pleased to announce that its annual Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference will return for the third year on April 12, 2018 in San Francisco.

#AAI18 is a must-attend event for those involved or interested in the most current progress of AI technologies and products.

The one day conference brings together the brightest and most experienced professionals in the field of AI for an immersive day of learning, discussion, and connection.

Limited Super Early Bird Tickets are now available (Save $1000)



AI Is Easy to Fool – Why That Needs to Change

As machine learning and AI increasingly embed themselves in our lives, the rewards for learning how to trick them will likely outweigh the costs. Read more.

AI In Healthcare IT Security – Why Hospitals are Targets

Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable against cybercriminals. How can they prepare to combat these threats? Read more.

Falling Q3 Seed Funding Could Stunt AI’s Hyped Innovation Cycle

Although dollar volume into AI startups is hitting records, it also appears the barrier to entry for AI startups to secure their initial funding may be growing. Read more.

The Artificial Intelligence Gap Is Getting Narrower

Stories about creating intelligent objects have been a part of our culture for ages. With AI, the lines between imagination and reality continue to blur. Read more.

China’s AI Awakening

The West has a lot to learn from China’s unprecedented focus on AI advancements – and it’s not just about staying ahead of the competition. Read more.

Automated Machine Learning: An Introduction

Take a look inside the world of Strategic AI. Learning how to use our technology well is as important as knowing why it’s useful. Read more.

Job Opportunities:

Sibly: Software Engineer (Android)

Datalaab: Platform Engineer

Datalaab: Senior Data Scientist

Aeye: Optical Engineer

Vidora: Account Executive

See more job opportunities

Applied AI Digest 84

Announcing the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 #AAI18

BootstrapLabs is pleased to announce that its annual Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference will return for the third year on April 12, 2018 in San Francisco.

#AAI18 is a must-attend event for those involved or interested in the most current progress of AI technologies and products.

The one day conference brings together the brightest and most experienced professionals in the field of AI for an immersive day of learning, discussion, and connection.

This year’s agenda will focus on the latest and future impact of AI applications and commercialization across a breadth of sectors, including Transportation, Healthcare, Finance, Future of Work, Cybersecurity and more.

Limited Super Early Bird Tickets are now available (Save $1000)



Colleges Are Marketing Drone Pilot Courses, but the Career Opportunities Are Murky

Hot-air balloon pilot Richard Varney typically spends his weekends transporting tourists around central Massachusetts in a huge, multicolored balloon. Read more.

Artificial Synapses Could Lead To Brainier, Super-Efficient Computers

Brains, beyond their signature achievements in thinking and problem solving, are paragons of energy efficiency. Read more.

How AI Will Keep You Healthy

An audacious Chinese entrepreneur wants to test your body for everything. But are computers really smart enough to make sense of all that data? Read more.

Farmers Should Start Using Artificial Intelligence. Here’s Why.

A team of researchers has developed an AI that can identify diseases in plants. Alongside other projects to use AI for farming and killing weeds, AI is quickly becoming a powerful tool in harvesting better crops and producing more food. Read more.

DeepMind announces ethics group to focus on problems of AI

Deepmind, Google’s London-based AI research sibling, has opened a new unit focused on the ethical and societal questions raised by artificial intelligence. Read more.

Dear CEOs: Artificial Intelligence is your biggest threat, and your biggest opportunity

It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to take the world by storm. But what exactly does that mean if you are a business leader? It means you need a strategy, and you need to act fast. Read more.

Applied AI Digest 83

Announcing the BootstrapLabs Applied AI Insiders Series: Autonomous Transportation

During the event, our speakers will be presenting on the need for new security, infrastructure, and experience in order to enable Autonomous Transportation.

Speaker lineup:

  • Ben Levy, Co-Founder, BootstrapLabs
  • Dr. Allan Steinhardt, Chief Engineer, AEye (Previously, Chief Scientist at DARPA, Chief Scientist at
  • Booz Allen).
  • Tilly Chang, Executive Director of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority
  • Chad Partridge, CEO at Metamoto, Inc.

This is an INVITE ONLY event. BootstrapLabs hosts a series of public and private events every year. Apply below to get access to the next exclusive AI event.

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Dear CEOs: Artificial Intelligence is your biggest threat, and your biggest opportunity

It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to take the world by storm. But what exactly does that mean if you are a business leader? It means you need a strategy, and you need to act fast. Read more.

New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Learning

Like a brain, a deep neural network has layers of neurons — artificial ones that are figments of computer memory. Read more.

Bill Gates Says We Shouldn’t Panic About Artificial Intelligence

In a recent interview, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates told The Wall Street Journal he disagrees with Elon Musk’s assertions that artificial intelligence is a significant threat to humanity. Read more.

Why We Must Not Build Automated Weapons of War

Over 100 CEOs of artificial intelligence and robotics firms recently signed an open letter warning that their work could be repurposed to build lethal autonomous weapons — “killer robots.” Read more.

Billionaire tech investor: There will be a Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates of A.I.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, worth more than $85 billion, is one of the richest men alive, according to Forbes. He was a pioneer in the software industry. Read more.


Coursera Co-Founder Andrew Ng: AI Shouldn’t Be Regulated As A Basic Technology

AI as a basic technology should not be regulated. It also seems impractical for the government to stop you from implementing a neural network on your laptop. Read more.

Join us during the AI Summit in San Francisco

Ben Levy, BootstrapLabs, Co-Founder will host a session about Applied AI Disruption: Investment Framework on Thursday 28 of September, during the AI Summit 2017.

More information and tickets available at this link.

Applied AI Digest 82

Intel has invested more than $1 billion in AI companies

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said in an op-ed Monday that the company has invested more than $1 billion in business that are advancing the field of artificial intelligence. Read more.

Preparing for the “Augmented Workforce”

As artificial intelligence (AI) systems, robotics and cognitive tools grow in sophistication, almost every job is being reinvented, creating what many call the “augmented workforce”… Read more.

Take a look inside Alibaba’s smart warehouse where robots do 70% of the work

They can carry up to 500 kilograms above them around the warehouse floor. They have special sensors to avoid colliding into each other and they can be summoned using wifi. Read more.

Google’s AI chief thinks reports of the AI apocalypse are greatly exaggerated

John Giannandrea from Google had many great things to say about artificial intelligence at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. In particular, he thinks that people are too scared about general purpose artificial intelligence. Read more.

Salesforce to launch $50 million artificial intelligence fund

The venture wing of Inc is launching a $50 million fund to invest in start-ups employing artificial intelligence, the cloud computing firm told Reuters on Tuesday. Read more.

Join us during the AI Summit in San Francisco

Ben Levy, BootstrapLabs, Co-Founder will host a session about Applied AI Disruption: Investment Framework on Thursday 28 of September, during the AI Summit 2017.

More information and tickets available at this link.

Applied AI Digest 81

The iPhone X’s New Neural Engine Exemplifies Apple’s Approach to AI

Apple’s new iPhone X is billed as “the future of the smartphone,” with new facial recognition and augmented reality features presented as the credentials to back up this claim. Read More.

China, Russia and the US Are in An Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

For Russia and Vladimir Putin, it is clear that planetary domination and artificial intelligence (AI) are inextricably intertwined. Read more.

10 Breakthrough Technologies – 2017 Reinforcement Learning

By experimenting, computers are figuring out how to do things that no programmer could teach them. Read more.

Getting Ready for the Future of Work

Artificial intelligence is poised to disrupt the workplace. What will the company of the future look like—and how will people keep up? Read more.

4 Crucial Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Entrepreneurship Today

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field getting more and more attention today. Despite this fact, however, misconceptions still persist about AI. Read more.

Applied AI Digest 80

Do We Need a Speedometer For Artificial Intelligence?

Microsoft said last week that it had achieved a new record for the accuracy of software that transcribes speech. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence for UX – Where Bots May Beat Out Brands

Although artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, the more-recent advances in ubiquitous computing, low-cost cloud services, near unlimited storage, data analytics and other innovations have caused its adoption to skyrocket. Read more.

10 Signs You’re Ready for AI — but Might Not Succeed

Since machine learning is a panacea, your company should be able to use it profitably, right? Perhaps; perhaps not. OK, I’m just kidding about the panacea: that’s just marketing hype. Read more.

AI Is About to Drastically Change

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its corresponding technology all hinge on our human understanding of what intelligence is. Read more.

According to Elon Musk, Artificial Intelligence Will Cause World War III

The entrepreneur, who’s been known to speak in hyperbole from time to time (remember that his reasoning for getting to Mars is to save humanity), dreamed up another worst-case outcome for A.I.: causing World War III. Read more.

Applied AI Digest 79

NASA is using Intel’s deep learning to build better moon maps

NASA’s Frontier Development Lab collects a lot of data. It’s one of the main things it does when it’s not landing things on other things. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence in Sports – Current and Future Applications

The North American sports industry is a cultural and economic staple generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. Read more.

The age of AI surveillance is here

For years we’ve been recorded in public on security cameras, police bodycams, livestreams, other people’s social media posts, and on and on. Read more.

How Machine Learning Enhances The Value Of Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is already revolutionizing domains such as manufacturing, automobiles and healthcare. Read more.

McKinsey Survey of 3,000 Executives Reveals How Businesses Succeed with AI

The buzz over artificial intelligence (AI) has grown loud enough to penetrate the C-suites of organizations around the world, and for good reason. Read more.

DOCSF18 Innovations Award

Call for AI/ML, Robotics, Automation, VR/AR/MR and 3D Printing startups looking to showcase their success before decision makers and healthcare leaders looking for new applications to drive into adoption.

Learn more at this link here.

Applied AI Digest 78

How A.I. Is Creating Building Blocks to Reshape Music and Art

In the mid-1990s, Douglas Eck worked as a database programmer in Albuquerque while moonlighting as a musician. Read more.

Hackers Are the Real Obstacle for Self-Driving Vehicles

Before autonomous trucks and taxis hit the road, manufacturers will need to solve problems far more complex than collision avoidance and navigation. Read more.

Chill: Tobots Won`t Take All Our Jobs

Over the past few years, it has become conventional wisdom that dramatic advances in robotics and artificial intelligence have put us on the path to a jobless future. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence In Education: Don’t Ignore It, Harness It!

We have already witnessed the rise and impact of education technology especially through multitude of adaptive learning platforms such as Khan Academy and Coursera that allow learners to strengthen their skills and knowledge. Read more.

The Fatal Flaw of AI Implementation

There is no question that artificial intelligence (AI) is presenting huge opportunities for companies to automate business processes. Read more.

Growing Up with Alexa

When it comes to digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, my four-year-old niece Hannah Metz is an early adopter. Read more.

Applied AI Digest 77

Breaking down artificial intelligence to form a starting point for adoption

Artificial intelligence will humanize recommendation engines, improve the accuracy of logistics engines, and represent a monumental change in the friendliness of chatbot engines. Read more.

Want a Diagnosis Tomorrow, Not Next Year? Turn to AI

Inside a red-bricked building on the north side of Washington DC, internist Shantanu Nundy rushes from one examining room to the next, trying to see all 30 patients on his schedule. Read more.

AI in Fashion – Present and Future Applications

The global fashion industry is a well-established area of commerce valued worldwide at an estimated $3 trillion and representing 2 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product. Read more.

What’s the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

Artificial intelligence is the future. Artificial intelligence is science fiction. Artificial intelligence is already part of our everyday lives. All those statements are true, it just depends on what flavor of AI you are referring to. Read more.

Beyond HAL: How artificial intelligence is changing space systems

Mars 2020 is an ambitious mission. NASA plans to gather 20 rock cores and soil samples within 1.25 Mars years, or about 28 Earth months — a task that would be impossible without artificial intelligence because the rover would waste too much time waiting for instructions. Read more.

Deep Teaching: The Sexiest Job of the Future

Microsoft Research has a recent paper (Machine Teaching: A New Paradigm for Building Machine Learning Systems) that explores the eventual evolution of Machine Learning. Read more.

Applied AI Digest 76

The Future Of Sales Is In Artificial Intelligence, According To This CEO

“Automation” is the golden word in business. The more you can automate, the faster you can move, the bigger you can grow, the more efficiently you can run, and the more effectively you can communicate. Read more.

How Baidu will win China`s AI Race – and, maybe, the world`s

A company can have the best technology in the world. It can have the strongest talent. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – Three Trends That Matter

Trends that business leaders should know about. In this article we look at three key ways that AI will drive savings for insurance carriers, brokers, and policyholders, plugging into existing transformations within the insurance industry. Read more.

In The Era Of Artificial Intelligence, GPUs Are The New CPUs

Traditionally, computing power is associated with the number of CPUs and the cores per processing unit. Read more.

A Designer’s Guide To The $15 Billion Artificial Intelligence Industry

Artificial intelligence is a $15 billion dollar industry and growing. With more than 2,600 companies developing intelligent technology, the value of AI is expected to rise to more than $70 billion by 2020. Read more.

How Google is making music with artificial intelligence

Can computers be creative? That’s a question bordering on the philosophical, but artificial intelligence (AI) can certainly make music and artwork that people find pleasing. Read more.

Applied AI Digest 75

Applied AI Conference 2017 Insights


5 things everyone gets wrong about artificial intelligence and what it means for our future

In June, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said AI is not only a massive threat to jobs but could also spark World War III. Because of AI, he told CNBC, in 30 years we’ll work only 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. Read more.

8 Ways Machine Learning Is Improving Companies’ Work Processes

Corporate investment in artificial intelligence is predicted to triple in 2017, becoming a $100 billion market by 2025. Last year alone saw $5 billion in machine learning venture investment. Read more.

What to Expect From Artificial Intelligence

To understand how advances in artificial intelligence are likely to change the workplace — and the work of managers — you need to know where AI delivers the most value. Read more.

How artificial intelligence fits into cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence, more commonly known under AI acronym, has become a very hot topic these days. Forrester Research forecasts a 300 percent growth of AI investment this year. Read more.

Towards a Code of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence with Paula Boddington

AI promises a smarter world – a world where finance algorithms analyze data better than humans, self-driving cars save millions of lives from accidents, and medical robots eradicate disease. But machines aren’t perfect. Read more.

The limitations of deep learning

The most surprising thing about deep learning is how simple it is. Ten years ago, no one expected that we would achieve such amazing results on machine perception problems by using simple parametric models trained with gradient descent. Read more.

Applied AI Digest 74

Apple is now publishing a ‘journal’ with its cutting-edge machine learning research

Apple launched a new blog on Wednesday where it plans to publish academic-style papers looking at new applications and techniques in machine learning. Read more.

The Business of Artificial Intelligence

For more than 250 years the fundamental drivers of economic growth have been technological innovations. Read more.

The Robots Will Make the Best Fake News

Imagine that tomorrow, some smart kid invented a technology that let people or physical goods pass through walls, and posted instructions for how to build it cheaply from common household materials. How would the world change? Read more.

Experts to address AI, Blockchain, ransomware and executive leadership at Healthcare Security Forum

Cybersecurity is the most pressing issue in healthcare right now and, by many accounts, the market segment is on the verge of disruption. Read more.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is Far More Valuable Than Artificial Intelligence

Texting and chatting have become so ingrained in our daily lives that, these days, most people get genuinely upset when they receive phone calls. Read more.

Applied AI Digest 73

Ask the AI experts: What advice would you give to executives about AI?

As executives consider where artificial intelligence can unlock business value, they’ll need to cut through the hype and find talent with both technical and business acumen. Read more.

Robo Advisers Are Gaining Traction as Insurance Salesmen: Chart

While traditional intermediaries still dominate in distributing insurance, the advance in artificial intelligence means that so-called robo advisers have gained traction in recent years, according to Swiss Re. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence, As Artificial As We Think?

Mobile technological innovations such as Siri, the iPhone’s digital assistant, Google’s latest Google Home product, or, Alexa, the smart home hub introduced by Amazon, are, to most people, the limits of today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). Read more.

AI in Pharma and Biomedicine – Analysis of the Top 5 Global Drug Companies

The applications of AI in pharma are building momentum, but we wanted to look beyond the hype and find the underlying trends that matter in business. Read more.

Google seeks to make artificial intelligence more people-friendly

Google is grappling with how to make sure artificial intelligence benefits humans more than it hinders them, as the powerful new technology starts to permeate all of its services. Read more.