Applied AI Digest 80

Do We Need a Speedometer For Artificial Intelligence?

Microsoft said last week that it had achieved a new record for the accuracy of software that transcribes speech. Read more.

Artificial Intelligence for UX – Where Bots May Beat Out Brands

Although artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, the more-recent advances in ubiquitous computing, low-cost cloud services, near unlimited storage, data analytics and other innovations have caused its adoption to skyrocket. Read more.

10 Signs You’re Ready for AI — but Might Not Succeed

Since machine learning is a panacea, your company should be able to use it profitably, right? Perhaps; perhaps not. OK, I’m just kidding about the panacea: that’s just marketing hype. Read more.

AI Is About to Drastically Change

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its corresponding technology all hinge on our human understanding of what intelligence is. Read more.

According to Elon Musk, Artificial Intelligence Will Cause World War III

The entrepreneur, who’s been known to speak in hyperbole from time to time (remember that his reasoning for getting to Mars is to save humanity), dreamed up another worst-case outcome for A.I.: causing World War III. Read more.